Telecom Wireless Business Plan

Cellular Providers aims to become a distinguished industry leader in the cellular communications industry. Our goal is to be the leading distributor of wireless communications services.

To achieve this, Cellular Providers will identify emerging trends, respond quickly to technology changes, provide high-quality services, invest in marketing and advertising, expand into specialty markets, and stay ahead of the “technology curve.”

The company was initially formed by Jason Sanderson to create a niche market for wireless services and accessories. Through research and development, Cellular Providers has maintained a technological lead and provided the best quality care. Revenue sources include phones, accessories, and services.

Cellular Providers’ head office is located at 654 Smith Lane, #87, Pullman, WA 23423. The company leases a 1,000 square feet office, which has enough space for operations. However, managing expects to outgrow this office space in the future.

Cellular Providers has a world-class management team with extensive knowledge and experience in the cellular and retail industries. In the future, additional personnel, such as a CFO, HR manager, customer service personnel, sales reps, and a public relations manager, will be required.

The company offers a mix of services targeting businesses and consumers. Cellular Providers’ product and service offerings include innovative cellular phone models, text and numeric paging, data capability, and no roaming or landline connection charges.

The ten-year outlook for the wireless communications service industry is excellent. The number of new cellular subscribers in the United States has seen dramatic growth, with projections of continued growth. Marketing and advertising efforts, expanding networks, and technological advances are driving this industry’s growth.

Cellular Providers plans to focus on three target markets: specialty business users, general business users, and personal users. The company intends to offer service packages that are priced appropriately for each segment and meets their needs.

The company’s ongoing marketing strategy involves maintaining and expanding a broad client base, establishing alliances with product and service companies, and focusing on customer ownership.

Cellular Providers estimates strong profits based on $10 million in sales by Year 3. Funding in the amount of $100,000 is being sought for market share increase, expansion of retail locations, hiring additional staff, and effective advertising and promotion.


– Company growth

– Become the leading distributor of wireless communications services

– Increase number of retail outlets

Increase revenue

– Increase marketing efforts

– Expand market area

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– Expand marketing reach

– Brand recognition

– Increase telemarketing efforts

Cellular Providers is committed to providing high levels of customer service and selling cellular and two-way radio service. The company’s mission is to become the nation’s leading distributor of cellular service and accessories, enhancing business and personal communication.

Keys to success for Cellular Providers include a unique combination of business knowledge and experience, services for every type of customer, partnering relationships with industry leaders, funding, marketing, quality sales professionals, good management, aggressive branding, increasing reach, affiliating with the right partners, meeting the needs of businesses and the public, competitive intelligence, appropriate use of technology, and remaining dynamic.

In conclusion, Cellular Providers aims to establish itself as a leading distributor of wireless communications services by identifying trends, providing high-quality services, and staying ahead of technology changes. With a strong management team and a focus on customer ownership, the company is poised for success in the growing wireless communications industry.

Telecom Wireless Business Plan Example

Company Summary

Cellular Providers is a leading wireless communications services provider in the state. We distribute AT&T and Sprint PCS services, offering the latest in wireless technology from these industry giants.

Our management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. We maintain an environment that encourages productivity and respect for our customers and employees. We also value creative independence and provide realistic and rewarding challenges.

2.1 Company Ownership

Cellular Providers, LLC, initially started as a sole proprietorship by Jason Sanderson. We were capitalized with $50,000 from first-round investors, which was used for inventory acquisition, equipment development, product/service line creation, and marketing materials.

We capitalized on the growing wireless communications industry, creating a niche market for our services and accessories. Through continuous research and development, we have maintained a technological lead in the marketplace. Today, our revenue sources include services, accessories, and a variety of phones.

2.2 Company Locations and Facilities

Our head office, spanning 1,000 square feet, provides adequate space for conducting our operations. However, as we continue to grow, we anticipate the need for additional office space in the future.

Telecom Wireless Business Plan Example

Past Performance:


– 1997: $275,781

– 1998: $496,406

– 1999: $893,530

Gross Margin:

– 1997: $118,586

– 1998: $238,275

– 1999: $464,636

Gross Margin %:

– 1997: 43.00%

– 1998: 48.00%

– 1999: 52.00%

Operating Expenses:

– 1997: $94,869

– 1998: $154,879

– 1999: $278,781

Collection Period (days):

– 1997: 0

– 1998: 0

– 1999: 0

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Inventory Turnover:

– 1997: 12.00

– 1998: 12.00

– 1999: 24.00

Balance Sheet:

Current Assets:

– Cash: $150,000

– Accounts Receivable: $55,156

– Inventory: $20,000

– Other Current Assets: $3,000

– Total Current Assets: $228,156

Long-term Assets:

– Long-term Assets: $20,000

– Accumulated Depreciation: $0

– Total Long-term Assets: $20,000

Total Assets:

– 1997: $248,156

– 1998: $359,781

– 1999: $440,706

Current Liabilities:

– Accounts Payable: $4,700

– Current Borrowing: $10,000

– Other Current Liabilities (interest free): $0

– Total Current Liabilities: $14,700

Long-term Liabilities:

– 1997: $1,800,000

– 1998: $1,750,000

– 1999: $1,650,000

Total Liabilities:

– 1997: $1,814,700

– 1998: $1,762,067

– 1999: $1,668,097

Paid-in Capital:

– 1997: $200,000

– 1998: $75,000

– 1999: $0

Retained Earnings:

– 1997: ($1,780,261)

– 1998: ($1,510,682)

– 1999: ($1,413,246)


– 1997: $13,717

– 1998: $33,396

– 1999: $185,855

Total Capital:

– 1997: ($1,566,544)

– 1998: ($1,402,286)

– 1999: ($1,227,391)

Total Capital and Liabilities:

– 1997: $248,156

– 1998: $359,781

– 1999: $440,706

Other Inputs:

– Payment Days: 45

– Sales on Credit: $0

– Receivables Turnover: 0.00


The company offers a range of innovative products and services for businesses and consumers, including:

– Sleek, modern handsets

– Text and numeric paging

– Data capability

– A full range of features

– A national network

– No roaming or landline connection charges

– One-second rounding after the first minute

Service Description:

Cellular Providers is a one-stop shop for wireless services, providing quality communications and the latest technology such as internet access on handsets. The company offers a variety of services and accessories, all designed to enhance business communications.

Competitive Comparison:

Cellular Providers is a leading player in the cellular and two-way radio service market. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including satellite dishes, specialty markets, and services from multiple wireless providers. This makes Cellular Providers a top choice for wireless communication services.


Cellular Providers complies with local, state, and federal regulations, including business licensing, local regulations, city codes, employment laws, corporate laws, and consumer product regulations. The company follows generally accepted accounting principles and undergoes quarterly financial reporting by a CPA firm. Cellular Providers also carries insurance for liability, automobile, and medical coverage.


Cellular Providers relies on various business tools to operate smoothly, including computers, software, business forms, agreements, and documentation. The company stays updated on technological changes and adjusts its operations accordingly to meet the demands of the business community.

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Market Analysis Summary:

Cellular Providers conducts industry analysis to stay informed about the industry’s dynamics. This helps management develop effective business strategies and make informed decisions. The company’s business model is based on industry knowledge and observations of successful companies in the wireless communications services industry.

Market Trends:

Significant industry trends include increased marketing efforts, expanding networks, and technological advances. New services and applications are emerging, such as advanced messaging, data and video transmission, location technology, and remote monitoring.

Market Growth:

Current economic conditions, such as a rising GNP, gradually increasing interest rates, a growing communications economy, and increased disposable income, are driving growth in the wireless communications service industry. The ten-year outlook for the industry is excellent, with projections of increased revenues and a compound average growth rate of 12%.

Market Segmentation:

Cellular Providers generates revenue from the sale of wireless communications services, accessories, and co-brands. The company has performed well compared to other start-up companies. The industry has seen significant investment and revenue growth, with projections of continued growth in the future.

Overall, Cellular Providers is a well-positioned player in the wireless communications industry, offering a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of businesses and consumers. The company is committed to staying updated on industry trends and technological advancements, ensuring its continued success in the market.

Telecom Wireless Business Plan Example

Market Analysis

Market Analysis
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Potential Customers Growth CAGR
Specialty Business Users 0% 226,000 226,000 226,000 226,000 226,000 0.00%
General Business Users 0% 650,000 650,000 650,000 650,000 650,000 0.00%
Personnel Users- Washington State 0% 5,987,000 5,987,000 5,987,000 5,987,000 5,987,000 0.00%
Total 0.00% 6,863,000 6,863,000 6,863,000 6,863,000 6,863,000 0.00%

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