6 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Success

Launching a new business involves attending to numerous details. Establishing credibility, demonstrating expertise, and building essential relationships are crucial for laying a strong foundation for your business. Among the various online platforms available, LinkedIn stands out as one of the most beneficial. However, to fully maximize its potential, you must know how to use it effectively.

In an interview with Mary Ryan, the Associate Director of Career and Leadership Services for Working Professionals at UNC Kenan-Flagler’s business school, several strategies for leveraging LinkedIn for business success were discussed. This article provides a summary of those strategies while offering additional tips to help you get ahead.

1. Optimize your profile for better results

According to Mary, a great LinkedIn profile consists of six essential components:

– A professional picture that resembles you and presents you as competent and friendly.

– A searchable name that includes relevant parentheses for maiden names or nicknames.

– A keyword-rich headline that attracts the right people and clients.

– A broad business location, indicating a willingness to travel if applicable.

– A broad industry descriptor that enhances your reach.

– A custom URL for your LinkedIn site for easy accessibility and recognition.

2. Craft your summary section as a "gift"

Your summary section should succinctly provide key information to your readers. Use a variety of elements such as hyperlinks, pictures, subheadings, and bullets to make your profile visually appealing and engaging. Consistency is crucial to ensure that your online summary aligns with your real-world self.

3. Showcase your achievements effectively

The experience section is your opportunity to showcase your accomplishments. Explicitly quantify your results and describe achievements with specific outcomes. Utilize the allocated 2,000 characters to tell your unique story and include relevant keywords for improved discoverability.

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4. Strategically list your skills

Arrange your top 10 skills based on your business priorities. This will present your desired strengths prominently and enhance your profile’s impact. Listing skills on LinkedIn has been proven to increase profile views significantly.

5. Harness the power of LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups provide valuable networking opportunities and a platform to establish yourself as a thought leader. Join industry-relevant groups, engage respectfully, and stay updated on industry trends. Following these strategies will enable you to form connections and expand your professional network.

6. Request recommendations

To establish credibility, include recommendations from others on your profile. Ask for specific and authentic recommendations that align with your business goals. These testimonials can provide social proof and differentiate you from others in your industry.

LinkedIn is an influential platform for supporting business success. By implementing these strategies, you can leverage its potential to meet your individual and company needs.

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