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Life Coaching Business Plan

SummitRise Coaching helps mid-career professionals find their purpose and navigate career transitions. Our coaching programs provide insights, confidence, and strategies to transform your life and open doors to new experiences.

The Problem

Mid-career professionals often feel unfulfilled or stuck and lack the support to make a successful transition.

The Solution

SummitRise Coaching empowers mid-career professionals to navigate life transitions with customized guidance. Our programs help clients discover purpose, build confidence, overcome obstacles, and reinvent their lives in a new direction.

Target Market

  • Mid-career professionals, ages 30-50, earning $75K-$200K seeking life transition support. 5M prospects spending $3K-$10K/year.
  • Executives and managers interested in leadership and work-life balance. 3M prospects earning $125K-$300K, spending $5K-$15K/year.
  • Entrepreneurs starting or advancing businesses. 500K prospects earning $75K-$150K, spending $2K-$7K/year.
  • Couples navigating life or relationship transitions together. 2M prospects with $100K-$250K combined income, spending $5K-$12K/year.

Competitors & Differentiation

Current Alternatives

  • Traditional counseling: Provides mental health benefits but lacks life transition support. SummitRise offers tailored strategies and accountability.
  • Outplacement firms: Focused on job search, not purpose reinvention. Generic, not customized services. SummitRise provides personalized solutions based on individual goals.
  • Free/low-cost life coaching: Impact may be limited. Fewer credentialed coaches and services. SummitRise has certified, experienced coaches and high-touch programs.
  • Online courses: Impersonal with little motivation or accountability. SummitRise combines digital learning with dedicated coach guidance focused on clients’ unique situations. Superior experience.
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Why Us

SummitRise Coaching stands apart through customized solutions and support for purposeful life reinvention.

  • Certified, experienced coaches with proven success guiding life transitions.
  • Personalized programs tailored to individual needs and goals.
  • Practical strategies and accountability for sustainable change.
  • Ongoing partnership through challenges and wins.

Our caring professionals provide guidance and motivation customized to your priorities so you can gain clarity, build confidence, and forge a fulfilling new direction.

Funding Needs

Here are the funding needs, sales channels, marketing activities, financial projections, and milestones for SummitRise Coaching:

  • $10,000 for website, marketing materials, certification, and training
  • $5,000 buffer for unforeseen initial costs

Sales Channels

  • Website and email newsletter
  • Referral partners like therapists, career counselors, and mentors
  • Media exposure and contributions to build authority
  • Networking and live events

Marketing Activities

  • Search engine optimization for website
  • Paid media (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) targeting personas
  • Blog posts and email newsletter to share advice and resources
  • Organic social media profiles and engagement, especially LinkedIn
  • Public speaking at live and virtual events
  • Strategic partnerships and networking

Financial Projections

With a focus on gaining initial clients through our proven introductory offer and word-of-mouth referrals, SummitRise Coaching anticipates:

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