15 Ideas for Businesses to Start in a Crisis

15 Business Ideas for Starting in a Crisis

If you’ve been laid off during the current crisis or you’re looking to make extra income from home, there are still business opportunities. While some parts of the economy have ground to a halt, certain sectors are still growing. Delivery services, e-commerce, home fitness, collaboration tools, and remote workforces have seen a surge in growth.

Here is a list of businesses you can start from home, even in a crisis. Most of these businesses can be started online, require little overhead or equipment, and don’t need physical presence, which is ideal for the current situation.

Online and Home-based Business Ideas:

1. Online kids fitness classes: Offer indoor training and fitness classes for kids via video conferencing.

2. Personal Shopper/Errand Runner for Quarantine: Help people who can’t go to grocery stores by providing personalized shopping and errand services.

3. Strategic Advisor/Accountant/Bookkeeper: Provide smart accounting services and financial advice to help businesses survive and thrive.

4. Financial Planner: Offer virtual financial planning services to help individuals navigate their financial situation during the crisis.

5. eCommerce Consulting Company: Help small businesses establish an online presence and optimize their operations in the changing business landscape.

6. Dog walking & pet care: Assist high-risk individuals by offering dog walking and pet care services.

7. Virtual Assistant: Provide virtual assistant services to help individuals and businesses manage their workload effectively.

8. Virtual Tutoring Service: Offer virtual tutoring services to support students who need extra help while learning from home.

9. Remote Tech Support: Help individuals and small businesses troubleshoot technology issues and set up their home networks.

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10. Digital courses/Online coaching: Convert your expertise into online courses and coaching programs to share your knowledge.

11. Affiliate marketer/Drop shipper: Utilize your online presence and traffic-driving skills to become an affiliate marketer or offer drop shipping services.

12. Etsy Seller: Turn your crafting skills into a business by selling your handmade products on Etsy.

13. Virtual birthday party provider: Use video platforms and creative ideas to help people celebrate special occasions virtually.

14. Transcription services: Offer transcription services for online conferences, meetings, and webinars.

15. Educational products: Develop and provide educational tools and products to support online learning for children.

When considering these ideas or any other business idea, it’s essential to write a business plan to outline your specifics and address planning aspects. Start with a lean plan and update it as your business grows. You can download our free template or try an online option like LivePlan for a step-by-step process to develop your plan.

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