How to Increase Revenue for Your Bakery

How to Increase Revenue for Your Bakery

The bakery industry has been changing in recent years. While commercial bakeries still dominate sales, the industry is shifting towards niche offerings such as healthy baked goods and high-quality, artisanal products.

For small bakery businesses, this shift provides promising opportunities to grow strategically and meet consumer needs.

Looking for ways to attract more clients and increase revenue for your bakery business? Read on.

1. Offer nutrition information for your products

Consider providing nutrition information for your breads, pastries, and sweets as patrons become more health-conscious. Many U.S. adults use nutrition labels to manage their weight and would like to see more nutrition labeling at places where they eat away from home. Including nutritional information has proven successful for bakery chain Panera, leading to record revenues and profits.

2. Have healthier options available

Consumers are increasingly interested in healthier options, including from their local bakery. Offering low-calorie and other healthy options can attract more customers. Chain restaurants that include healthier options have seen sales increases, particularly when the foods are labeled as healthy.

3. Feature different portion sizes

Offering smaller or non-standard portion sizes can attract new customers and maximize revenue from existing ones. The snacking trend is growing, and consumers are interested in individual and bite-sized desserts that provide portion control and allow them to try different items.

Overall, adapting to industry trends and customer preferences can help your bakery business thrive.

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