5 Things to Consider When Choosing Office Space

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Office Space

If you’re in the market for an office space, your choice is crucial to your business. It affects your day-to-day operations, staff morale, and brand image. While many factors can impact your office selection, five are absolutely crucial. Overlooking any of these factors can leave you disappointed.

1. Location

“Location, location, location.” This famous phrase highlights the importance of location in choosing an office space. Consider these questions:

  1. Can clients get there easily?
  2. Can employees get there easily?

Choose an office that answers these questions positively. Also, consider the security of the neighborhood and nearby amenities like gyms, coffee shops, and bars to keep clients and staff happy.

2. Price

Price is a critical factor for most businesses when choosing an office. Spending too little can lead to dissatisfaction or a need to move out after a few months. Spending too much can cause financial struggles or necessitate downsizing. Ask these questions:

  1. Can I afford a three-month rent deposit?
  2. Have I considered hidden costs? (Maintenance, parking, etc.)
  3. Is the office priced reasonably compared to others in the area?

Question one helps gauge affordability, questioning hidden costs protects against unexpected charges, and the third ensures you’re getting the best deal. Always compare prices with other offices in the area to ensure value for money.

3. Size

Location and price affect the size of your office, which is an important consideration. Generally, it’s recommended to have 70 square feet per person, but adjust based on your business’s unique needs. Ensure you have space for meetings and rest areas. Ask these questions:

  1. Will there be at least 70 square feet per person?
  2. Is there room for staffing growth?
  3. Is there a dedicated space for client meetings?
  4. Will employees be satisfied with social/recreation areas?
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A cramped office hampers productivity, so prioritize sufficient floor space.

4. Infrastructure

Infrastructure, especially reliable internet access, is crucial for most businesses. Some offices include internet access in their rent, while others require you to connect and pay separately. Consider the quality and reliability of the service. Also, consider other aspects like postal services and telephone connections for physical items. Ask these questions:

  1. Have I factored in the cost of internet access?
  2. Can I seek feedback from other businesses in the building?
  3. Does the office have a dedicated postal address?
  4. Can I request a speed test to ensure sufficient service?

A speed test provides real data to evaluate the quality of the internet service.

5. Style

Though often overlooked, office style plays a role in branding. Consider these factors:

  1. Do other businesses in the area align with my industry?
  2. Does this office allow customization at no extra cost?
  3. Would I proudly post pictures of this office on our website?

If you answer "no" to any of these questions, reconsider your choice. Be aware if the office charges for basic customization like painting walls or hanging pictures. An undecorated office does not enhance your brand image.

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