Accurate Chiropractic, LLC specializes in providing natural healthcare to community members injured in motor vehicle or work-related accidents, or experiencing chronic pain. The clinic is owned by Dr. Angelo M. Rubano, Jr., D.C. Dr. Rubano has a successful track record, recently selling a New Jersey practice for $124,000 that he purchased 3 years ago for $20,000. He has been in private practice for 11 years since graduating from Life Chiropractic College. His leadership skills extend to various executive boards and he excels in coordinating large-scale events and networking. Dr. Rubano is also an accomplished public speaker and expert medical witness.

Dr. Rubano believes in a creative approach rather than competition. Recognizing that nearly 80% of the population has not considered chiropractic care, he knows there is ample potential for patients. His growth plan includes incorporating other doctors in the area who can benefit from Accurate Chiropractic’s corporate approach to healthcare. The clinic will target potential patients through a series of direct mail advertisements, serving both the injured directly and indirectly through corporate clients. Additionally, the clinic will contribute to the community through outreach events focusing on children’s and workers’ safety.


To educate and adjust as many families as possible to optimal health through natural chiropractic care in an environment that encourages personal growth, development, and respect.

Keys to Success:

– Maintain an organized and consistent system for lead generation, tracking, and follow-up to convert leads into prospects.

– Utilize a repeatable system for converting prospects into patients.

– Recruit and retain reliable office staff who align with the company’s mission and values. (See Addendum, Personnel Plan.)

Chiropractic Clinic Business Plan Example

1.3 Objectives

Collections of $420,000 in the first year

Company Summary

Accurate Chiropractic, LLC is a new company that provides patient-centered care, rehabilitation, and education to the following markets:

  • Residents of our community injured in motor vehicle crashes and their families
  • Chronic and acute back and neck pain sufferers and their families
  • Members of the area’s work force injured on the job

As the business grows, we will bring on more providers to facilitate our patients’ steps to wellness and fitness and sell nutritional goods. Our goal is to expand into the work-related injury market and develop alliances with self-insured companies.

2.1 Start-up Summary

Our start-up costs are $207,575, which includes concept research and development, business and marketing software, educational brochures, stationary, legal and accounting costs, office furniture and computers, initial month’s rent/security deposit, and initial advertising cost, including production of printed reports.

Long-term assets include diagnostic equipment (Surface EMG with a dynamic range of motion valued at $8,000), X-ray equipment, and chiropractic tables.

Much of this will be financed by direct owner investment. The projected loan to aid in the purchase of equipment and working capital is shown as a long-term liability. The assumptions are shown in the following table and chart.

Chiropractic Clinic Business Plan Example

Start-up Requirements

Legal – $2,500

Stationery etc. – $1,000

Brochures – $200

Consultants – $0

Insurance – $1,000

Rent – $5,675

Licensing – $6,000

Research and Development – $6,000

800 Line Set Up Fees – $200

Computers and Software – $8,000

Print Advertising and Report Production – $1,000

Office Furniture – $3,000

Total Start-up Expenses – $34,575

Start-up Assets

Cash Required – $69,000

Other Current Assets – $0

Long-term Assets – $104,000

Total Assets – $173,000

Total Requirements – $207,575

Start-up Funding

Start-up Expenses to Fund – $34,575

Start-up Assets to Fund – $173,000

Total Funding Required – $207,575


Non-cash Assets from Start-up – $104,000

Cash Requirements from Start-up – $69,000

Additional Cash Raised – $0

Cash Balance on Starting Date – $69,000

Total Assets – $173,000

Liabilities and Capital


Current Borrowing – $0

Long-term Liabilities – $164,000

Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills) – $0

Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) – $0

Total Liabilities – $164,000


Planned Investment – $43,575

Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) – ($34,575)

Total Capital – $9,000

Total Capital and Liabilities – $173,000

Total Funding – $207,575

Company Ownership

The company is set up as a Florida Limited Liability Corporation for the purpose of providing some shielding of liability to its members without the intricacies of an S-Corporation. The principal and founding member is Angelo M. Rubano, Jr. D.C.

Dr. Angelo M. Rubano, Jr. is a 1993 graduate of Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Ga. After receiving his license to practice chiropractic medicine from the State of New Jersey in March of 1994, he immediately went into private practice as a junior partner of Adams Chiropractic Center in Wall, N.J. where he continued until 1999. During that time, he was also co-owner of The Pain Relief Center in Edison, N.J. In May of 2000, Dr. Rubano gave up his partnership with Adams Chiropractic and purchased The Pain Relief Center for $20,000, renaming the clinic Accurate Health and Wellness LLC. After producing increased revenues over the past three years, Dr. Rubano sold this practice for $124,000. Dr. Rubano received his license to practice chiropractic medicine in the State of Florida in May of 2003 and became certified by the state as a workers’ compensation provider in September of 2003.

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In addition to providing care to those injured in work and motor vehicle related accidents, Dr. Rubano has also been called upon to function as the physician for college and professional sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, and the president and founder of one of the largest ministries in the Northeast United States. He has been utilized as a consultant and as a witness in personal injury cases because of his expertise in the area of Low Speed Rear Impact Collisions. Dr. Rubano served as president of Letip of Middlesex County for 2 years (maximum allowable term) and on the board of directors of the organization for 5 years. He was named an Elder of Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center, a 12,000 member church in Sayerville, New Jersey in 1998. He will continue in this role at the church’s Faith International Training School and Faith Fellowship World Outreach Ministries Church in Fort Myers, Florida. In this capacity, he has helped the church organize its outreach ministry through home bible studies, and large gatherings such as the Great Big Event, in which he personally performed health screenings of 75 members of the Fort Myers community.

Products and Services

Accurate Chiropractic, LLC offers a high level professional service that helps take injured and ill people of all ages from varying states of pain and inactivity to comfort and wholeness. We provide a drugless approach to healthcare by giving patients the tools they need, physically, mentally, and emotionally, to return to an active and healthy lifestyle. To the corporate client, we provide analysis of factors that increase the risk of on-the-job injuries and the tools to reduce those risks. Considering that low back pain is responsible for half of workers’ compensation costs, and that past research has demonstrated time and again that Chiropractic Care compared to other typical medical treatment is more successful and more cost effective for these conditions, it is obvious that this is a much needed service that will create a high demand when approached the right way.

We will also sell products that support our services, including home exercise devices, pillows, TENS units, and weight loss programs. (A TENS — transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation –unit is a small, battery-powered, portable muscle stimulation machine that can be used at home to help control pain.)

Market Analysis Summary

Accurate Chiropractic, LLC will focus on people injured in motor vehicle traffic accidents and work related incidents, as well as those with chronic and acute back and neck pain and their families. These are groups which respond well to conservative treatment and have often been dismissed by the medical community as malingerers or difficult to treat cases.

Our most important group of potential customers (those injured in accidents) come in all ages. They range in income and social status from the “Actualizers” (the very wealthy who are actually living the American Dream) to “Strugglers” (those that are barely getting by). Whether young or old, these people want to get back to an active lifestyle so they can return to work, recreation, and family as quickly as possible and they are covered by the health, accident, or workers’ compensation insurance to pay for it or have the legal backing to win it in court.

Market Segmentation:

– Recent Motor Vehicle Accident Victims: our most important segment includes those individuals injured within a 6 month time period of visiting our office. Insurance claims are easier to handle at this stage making for more lucrative reimbursement rates. In addition, early intervention aids more rapid recovery, which leads to greater word of mouth referral.

Chiropractic Clinic Business Plan Example

Market Analysis:

Potential Customers, Growth, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, CAGR

Wellness patients, 6%, 78,697, 83,419, 88,424, 93,729, 99,353, 6.00%

Motor Vehicle Accident Victims, 6%, 3,553, 3,766, 3,992, 4,232, 4,486, 6.00%

Work Related Injury Victims, 1%, 20,603, 20,809, 21,017, 21,227, 21,439, 1.00%

Chronic Pain Sufferers Via Motor Vehicle Accidents, 6%, 13,141, 13,929, 14,765, 15,651, 16,590, 6.00%

Neck and Back Pain Sufferers (non MVA), 6%, 37,182, 39,413, 41,778, 44,285, 46,942, 6.00%

Other Chronic Pain Sufferers, 6%, 8,062, 8,546, 9,059, 9,603, 10,179, 6.00%

Corporate Clients, 3%, 529, 542, 558, 575, 592, 2.85%

Total, 5.39%, 161,767, 170,424, 179,593, 189,302, 199,581, 5.39%

Service Business Analysis:

Chiropractic Medicine in Lee County, Florida has several hundred chiropractic offices. In Fort Myers and neighboring Fort Myers Beach, there are 73 offices listed.

Chiropractic entities range from small operations that do not accept insurance plans to multi-discipline offices with medical doctors and physical therapists on staff. While practicing in New Jersey, I was part of Provider Panels for several of the largest Health Insurance Providers, including Aetna, United HealthCare, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. My relationship with a key representative within the Lee County Government Office will likely help me be accepted into these organizations. However, this segment only affects a small percentage of my overall plan for success. Automobile accident cases do not follow the managed care paradigm, so there is easy access to our services without referral or membership in a managed care organization. Within the area of workers’ compensation, our plan to market to "self-insured" companies will give our clinic ample exposure and access to thousands of injured workers without the stipulations of managed care.

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Competition and Buying Patterns:

The key element in the purchase decisions in healthcare for accident victims is the patient’s perception of the doctor’s competence and empathy with their situation. There is a psychosocial component when it comes to being injured in an accident, and the doctor who can demonstrate understanding and a good sense of what the patient is experiencing is more likely to gain the patient’s trust. Referrals from personal injury attorneys and medical doctors play a significant role in bringing in auto accident patients. It is important to build relationships with these professionals through prompt reporting, open lines of communication, and the utilization of a team of specialists in other fields of diagnostic imaging and medicine. Patients rarely compare providers and usually follow word-of-mouth referrals. The most important element is to keep patients and have them refer their friends and family. Going the extra mile, such as providing personal phone calls and small gifts, can help achieve this. In the workers’ compensation area, communication with both the patient and the patient’s employer is crucial. Rehabilitation and constant communication with the company’s safety manager are essential components.

Target Market Segment Strategy:

We have chosen to target the population in Lee County, Florida who have been injured in motor vehicle and work-related accidents. Chiropractic care focuses on problems related to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Most injuries in accidents involve these soft tissues. Targeting this market makes economic sense as it is financially rewarding, with higher case average amounts compared to traditional insurance plans. This area also has a growing population, and accident rates are higher than the general population.

According to data from NHTSA, the national average for accidents is 770 out of 100,000 people. In Florida, the incidence rate is closer to 2,270 out of 100,000. We estimate there are over 3,500 motor vehicle accidents for residents in a 7-mile radius around our office location. The prevalence of chronic pain syndromes resulting from motor vehicle accidents alone is estimated to be 10,803-15,479 people within the same radius. In the area of workers’ compensation, 20% of all work-related injuries affect the soft tissues of the neck, back, and extremities. In Lee County, there were 20,603 reported cases of these injuries.

Our location gives us a competitive edge, and our name, Accurate Chiropractic, provides a positive connotation and helps with visibility in directories. We will focus on marketing directly to the end consumer, patients, through emotional-based direct response marketing, and indirectly through personal injury attorneys, medical physicians, and corporate clients.

Marketing Strategy:

Our marketing strategy involves direct response advertising to elicit an emotional response from injured individuals. We will place advertisements in local publications that stand out from other doctors’ listings. Instead of selling our services as the best, we will sell a concept that appeals to the emotions of the injured and leads them to request a free report. Each report will have a specific toll-free number for tracking purposes. We will maintain a database of prospects and follow up with mailing reports and newsletters.

Internal marketing to existing clients will include monthly newsletters and a referral reward program. Biweekly health seminars and direct response advertisements for additional products will also be utilized. Corporate partnerships will be sought to offset the cost of producing and mailing newsletters. Dr. Rubano will join local business organizations to build relationships with attorneys and physicians. Speaking engagements, community events, and grass-roots efforts will further establish our presence in the community.

Sales Strategy:

Our sales strategy involves providing excellent service and educating patients about their condition and the benefits of our care. We will emphasize the value of following a proven program rather than selling visit-by-visit. Our fees are non-negotiable, and we will focus on patients who are willing to invest in their own health. When selling to corporate clients, we will emphasize the cost-effectiveness of our care in reducing lost work time, training costs, and insurance expenses.

Sales Forecast:

We expect sales to increase steadily as our marketing program takes effect. The cost of acquiring a new patient is estimated to be $50, and revenue generated from each new patient is estimated to be $250 per month. For corporate clients, revenue will come from upfront fees and commissions based on workers’ compensation insurance savings.

TENS units and Weight Loss Systems sales were projected assuming a 10% monthly compliance rate for new patients. Pillows and Home Exercise devices were projected with a 25% compliance rate. TENS units cost $29/unit and are sold for $150. Exercise devices cost $23/unit and sell for $50. Pillows cost $14 each and are sold at $30 each, while Weight Loss Systems cost $27 and retail for $80.

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Please note that year-by-year growth projections start in January 2004 for ease of understanding. However, we are ready to start immediately if funding is secured.

Chiropractic Clinic Business Plan Example

Chiropractic Clinic Business Plan Example

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Chiropractic Cases $412,475 $990,000 $1,188,000
Corporate Clients $18,000 $21,600 $25,920
Home Exercise Devices $5,700 $8,640 $10,800
Weight Loss System $3,760 $5,760 $6,912
Pillows $3,480 $5,616 $6,739
TENS Units $5,640 $8,640 $10,368
Total Sales $449,055 $1,040,256 $1,248,739

5.4 Milestones

The table below lists important program milestones, dates and managers in charge, and budgets for each. The milestone schedule emphasizes planning for implementation.

Our business plan includes provisions for plan-vs.-actual analysis. We will hold monthly follow-up meetings to discuss variance and make necessary course corrections.

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
“Whiplash: the Epidemic” Presentations to Attorneys 12/20/2003 1/20/2003 $50 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Complete Business Plan 10/10/2003 11/11/2003 $350 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Establish Bank Account For Business 11/1/2003 11/11/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Purchase Business Card sand Letterhead/Envelopes 11/3/2003 11/17/2003 $450 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Print 500 copies of MVA Free Report 11/17/2003 11/17/2003 $200 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Compose Sales Letters For MVA victims, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain 9/10/2003 11/20/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Print Copy of Office Policy and Procedural Manual 11/20/2003 11/23/2003 $20 Sonia Rubano Administrative
Mail Intoductory Letter to 25 Area PI Attorneys 11/20/2003 11/23/2003 $25 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Mail Introductory Letter to 25 Area Physicians 11/20/2003 11/23/2003 $25 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Letters to 4 Area High School Vice Principals Re Driver safety 11/23/2003 11/25/2003 $4 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Follow-up Phone Calls to Area Attorneys 11/23/2003 11/26/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Followup Phone Calls to Area Physicians 11/23/2003 11/26/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Secure Start Up Funding 10/31/2003 11/30/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Followup Calls To Vice Principals 11/27/2003 11/30/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Type and Print Sales Letters 9/20/2003 12/2/2003 $150 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Team Meeting 12/1/2003 12/5/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Team Meeting 12/15/2003 12/19/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Compose Corporate Client Sales Letter 11/30/2003 12/20/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Direct Response Ad for MVA Victims Multiple Publications 12/20/2003 12/20/2003 $400 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Type and Print Corporate Sales Letter 12/20/2003 12/23/2003 $0 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Team Meeting 12/22/2003 12/24/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Organize LeTip Chapter 10/10/2003 12/30/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Team Meeting 12/29/2003 12/30/2003 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Money Mailer Direct Response Saturation Mailer 12/27/2003 1/4/2004 $500 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Team Meeting 1/2/2004 1/4/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Opening Day in Office 1/5/2004 1/5/2004 $750 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Half Hour to Health Seminar 1/6/2004 1/6/2004 $50 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Team Meeting 1/9/2004 1/12/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Team Meeting 1/16/2004 1/19/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Half Hour To Health Seminar 1/20/2004 1/20/2004 $50 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Followup Mailing and Phone Call to Initial 25 Attorney and Physicians 1/21/2004 1/24/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Mail to 25 Additional Attorneys and Physicians 1/21/2004 1/24/2004 $50 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Prepare and Mail Monthly Newsletter to Patients and Prospects 1/11/2004 1/25/2004 $250 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Team Meeting 1/23/2004 1/26/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Followup Phone Calls with Additional Attorneys and Physicians 1/24/2004 1/27/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Inaugaral Letip Meeting 1/15/2004 1/29/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Multiple Direct Response Ads 1/6/2004 1/31/2004 $320 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Contact MADD Organization for Help with Teen Driver Safety Awareness 1/27/2004 2/1/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Team Meeting 1/30/2004 2/2/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Half Hour to Health Seminar 2/3/2004 2/3/2004 $50 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Team Meeting 2/6/2004 2/9/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Role Out Corporate Program with Direct Response Post Cards to CFO’s 1/27/2004 2/14/2004 $350 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Team Meeting 2/13/2004 2/16/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Half Hour to Health Seminar 2/17/2004 2/17/2004 $50 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Team Meeting 2/20/2004 2/23/2004 $0 Dr. Rubano Administrative
Prepare and Mail Monthly Newsletter 2/11/2004 2/25/2004 $250 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Letip Meeting 2/5/2004 2/26/2004 $30 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Presentation to Corporate Client 2/5/2004 2/26/2004 $100 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Whiplash The Epidemic Presentation to Attorney 2/20/2004 2/27/2004 $50 Dr. Rubano Marketing
Multiple Direct Response Ads 2/1/2004 2/28/2004 $320 Sonia Rubano Marketing
Team Meeting 2/27/2004 3/2/2004 $0

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