15 Tips to Be a More Successful Young Leader

15 Tips to Be a More Successful Young Leader

Combining your everyday work experience with experiences of your own making is crucial for success. I began my career as an intern at Colgate-Palmolive and eventually became an internet marketing specialist with a team of seven. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that to be a young leader, you must be focused and curious. Learning is important, and the ability to teach is essential.

For those eager to learn more about leadership or become more successful leaders, here are my top 15 tips. These tips are based on my own experience, reading, and attending numerous master classes over the years.

To be a successful leader, you must:

1. Face challenges. Brave yet prudent leaders are prepared to face challenges and take responsibility for the consequences of their decisions.

2. Be honest. Inform your coworkers about both good and bad news and how the company will respond. Establishing a calm environment and avoiding unpleasant surprises is your responsibility.

3. Win trust. Engage and inspire loyalty in your team by building trust. Getting involved in coworkers’ or employees’ everyday work problems is crucial. Take the time to explain their tasks and learn about their lives outside the office, but avoid being intrusive.

4. Keep calm. Professionals should not show their emotions. Stay focused and, if overwhelmed, take a walk or work from home. Instead of correcting others in anger, calmly explain the situation and your expectations for the future.

5. Pursue your passions. Choose a career direction that aligns with your interests and benefits you. Take advantage of your youth to explore and discover what’s compelling to you.

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6. Listen and observe. To be an effective leader, you must excel at listening and observing. People express themselves through their words, gestures, and actions every day. Observing individuals can provide valuable insights into their passions, motivations, and preferences.

7. Set an example. Be a leader you would follow yourself. Although you may not know every task completely, you must understand how to solve problems and improve every situation. Take responsibility for each task, be punctual, and set a good example for your team.

8. Stay organized. Maintain a clean desk and ensure your instructions are clear. Plan your days and weeks in advance.

9. Be fair. Avoid favoritism and treat all team members equally. Even if you have close friendships within the team, it is not an excuse to delegate most of the work to others.

10. Earn respect. Earn respect by acting ethically and modeling the behavior you expect from your team. Demonstrate your direction and commitment by actively participating in the work alongside them.

11. Stay curious. Curiosity is a vital trait for a good leader. Stay passionate, curious, and committed to continuous learning.

12. Be sympathetic. While you must be tough, remember that we are all human beings. Show understanding and empathy to those going through difficult times.

13. Remember your youth. Build a fulfilling career while enjoying your personal life.

14. Avoid labeling people. Effective leaders do not assign labels to others or themselves. Your title does not define your identity or guarantee your future. Be confident, but not solely because of your label.

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15. Understand yourself. Seek self-awareness and understand the impact you have on others. Developing self-awareness is a crucial step on your leadership journey.

In conclusion, as a young leader, you have a promising career ahead of you. Work hard, stay curious, and remember that great leaders lead by example, not just by words.

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