Business Analysis Publishing Business Plan Example

Business Analysis Publishing Business Plan

Our Mission: We empower bright young minds to research college student trends and technological advances, and analyze how these translate into stock market investing dynamics.

Description of the Business Concept: We offer passionate college students a forum to gain real business experience by analyzing trends, themes, and companies outside the classroom. Students’ original ideas will be available on our website and quarterly printed newsletter. We provide analysis citing key trends in various industries to our subscribers, focusing on current market and product trends, social issues, and stock market dynamics.

Opportunity and Strategy: Founding partners will use their investment wisdom and network to create a knowledge base. Motivated students from any university can submit their investment ideas for publication on our website and newsletter. Based on the quality of submissions, we will recruit additional full-time writers. We will promote through the internet, college newsletters, business departments at other schools, and through friend and family networking.

Target Market: Subscribers are business professionals and college students with business, finance, or marketing interests.

Competitive Advantage: Our advantage is being the only investment publication that taps into the collegiate intellect. We appeal to motivated college students frustrated with the lack of response and organization of large corporations’ internship programs. Our internship is offered year-round and performed electronically, eliminating the need for relocation or lodging.

Economic Potential: Our projected revenue for five years is over one million dollars. Additional value-added services and cross marketing initiatives could increase our bottom line two years out.

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Management: Founding partners Frank Peanut and Jacob Sweller each bring unique qualifications. Frank is a finance major with experience as an investment club co-fund manager. Jacob is on track to receive a dual degree in finance and government and has directed business-consulting presentations for investment banking and consulting firms.

The Offering: We propose offering a large minority stake in exchange for desired financing to cover start-up costs.

Risks: While any start-up investment involves risk, we are committed to using funds conservatively. The Wonderkind is an informational publishing company that provides services citing key trends in various industries. We use the internet for cost-efficient distribution.

1.1 100 Word Summary of Business Venture

The Wonderkind is an informational publishing company that allows bright students to discuss current business trends and stock market dynamics, independent from biased investment banking relationships. Our analysts focus on market and product trends, social issues, and investment opportunities.

Team leaders and contact personnel:

Frank Peanut: [email protected]. Office: (555) 589-3432

Jacob Sweller: [email protected]. Office: (555) 589-3453

1.2 Objectives

We provide a forum for motivated students passionate about the stock market to gain real business experience by analyzing companies and writing about them. Our growth objectives for the subscriber base are as follows:



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