Laser Tag is a premier gaming center located in the Big Mall shopping center, serving the MyTown metropolitan area. The shopping center is conveniently situated on 415 North West Birch Road, which sees heavy traffic of over 30,000 vehicles per day.

Laser Tag offers an immersive and thrilling gaming experience in a 4,500 square foot darkened arena. Players engage in a heart-pounding game where they aim to capture their opponents’ base while avoiding being shot themselves. The arena is complemented with smoke, flashing lights, and pulsating music, creating an exhilarating atmosphere that combines strategy and luck.

After the game, players can collect their score sheets in a lavishly decorated lobby designed to leave a lasting impression. In the lobby, they can also choose from 20 leading video games for just two tokens (50 cents) each. Additionally, Laser Tag offers three party rooms available for rent, perfect for corporate groups celebrating achievements or individuals hosting birthday parties. The party rooms can be rented for 90 minutes at a cost of $119.

To ensure a top-notch gaming experience, Laser Tag partners with Zone Systems, a renowned company that supplies laser tag gaming equipment. Zone Systems’ equipment has been featured on MTV’s Battle of The Sexes and used by Walt Disney World. They also provide 24-hour operational assistance and software system support. As the leading manufacturer of laser tag equipment globally, Zone Systems supplies Laser Tag with their turn-key software and point-of-sale system, which efficiently manages all aspects of the facility’s operations.

Laser Tag is registered as an Ohio subchapter S corporation, owned entirely by John Smith, a self-employed entrepreneur with a successful business track record. With expertise in marketing, accountability, management, training, and supervision, John Smith is well-equipped to manage and lead Laser Tag.

The area demonstrates a demand for high-quality electronic entertainment, making Laser Tag a lucrative venture. The management team possesses the necessary skills and training to operate the laser tag center. Start-up costs have been identified based on precise figures or estimates from potential suppliers.

With a proven franchise model and a management team experienced in business and people skills, Laser Tag is confident in its success. The principals believe that the loan taken can be repaid within seven years, assuming an annual interest rate of 11%.

Below is the Highlights chart, projecting performance based on a worst-case scenario of 35% capacity utilization.

1.1 Objectives

Laser Tag aims to establish itself as a premier laser tag facility in Prosperous County/MyTown, Ohio, and surrounding communities. Revenue will primarily come from laser tag games, supplemented by video games and other peripheral devices. Within one year, 60% of the anticipated return on investment will be reinvested to maintain a cutting-edge laser tag experience. In the second year, Laser Tag will expand its food and beverage offerings, enhance its selection of top-quality video games, and provide merchandise such as shirts, caps, and posters to its members and patrons.

Laser Tag Gaming Center Business Plan Example

1.2 Mission:

Laser tag players will enjoy the exciting game in a safe, low-light, 4,500 square feet arena enhanced with flashing lights, theatrical haze, pounding music, and surprising special effects. Laser Tag will offer a pleasant atmosphere while maintaining an environment enticing to teens, young adults, and the entire family. Our trained staff will welcome patrons as special guests and assist with group functions such as birthday parties or scout recognition events to ensure everyone has a fun experience.

1.3 Keys to Success:

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Themed Environments include the WOW! factor in a facility. Zone Systems is a company that understands the WOW! factor. The concepts that Zone Systems promotes are visually stimulating and relate to today’s teen males easily.

Staff Training is critical to excellent customer service. An improperly trained staff member can destroy booking a several hundred dollar corporate event or $150 birthday party.

Customer Satisfaction is critical for the long-term success of the facility. The ability to be polite, ensure guests’ safety and satisfaction, and provide a pleasant experience are vital to achieving long-term profit and converting this from a fad into a business.

Marketing is one of the greatest issues in the industry. Many people think that they are Kevin Costner in the “Field of Dreams:” Build It And They Will Come! People spend thousands of dollars on their facility and not a dime on marketing and wonder why they are closing down.

Equipment is the touchy, feely part of this business. Customers will handle and wear the gear for 10 minutes and longer. Their entire experience will rely on the gear’s ability to enhance their enjoyment of the event.

Company Summary:

Laser Tag is a start-up company located in the Big Mall shopping center, which serves many of the 115,000 people in the MyTown metropolitan area.

Laser Tag will purchase laser tag equipment from Zone System and become a member of the North American branch of the “Zone” group; a fast-growing, international network of laser game companies utilizing the futuristic technology designed by P&C Micros of Melbourne, Australia. P&C Micros pioneers arena laser games and has developed dozens of game enhancements and thousands of customizing options, making Zone hardware and software the most reliable and advanced in the industry.

Zone System is in position to take the U.S. market by storm. As a member of the international group of Zone companies, Zone System draws on a history of success in Europe and Australia.

Zone System focuses on technology because innovation and flexibility are the cornerstones of tomorrow’s success. Superior technology provides staying power, keeping the game interesting and challenging. Thousands of game enhancements and options can be activated through a simple menu selection. Zone System provides manuals covering all aspects of operations from site selection to monthly accounting reports and merchandising.

Technical support is a crucial aspect of Zone System’s support for its members. Electronics and computers make the game real, so they must be durable. Zone System’s hardware has the ability to endure abuse, and failed components can be replaced easily. Software updates assure a long life for the equipment.


A capable management team has been assembled. Mr. Smith has the necessary entrepreneurship skills to make the project successful. The complex aims to provide cutting-edge family entertainment at an attractive price, with the objective of having the finest facility of its kind.

2.1 Start-up Summary:

Our start-up costs will be $138,844, of which the owner plans to invest $27,000. The funds will be used for general expenses, initial renovation, furnishings, fixtures, and cash for start-up. Start-up funding will be financed by loans arranged through a lending agency qualified by the Small Business Administration as a guarantor.

Laser Tag Gaming Center Business Plan Example

Start-up Requirements

Start-up Expenses

– Legal: $250

– Insurance: $1,000

– Rent: $4,617

– Renovation: $38,000

– CPA: $75

– Marketing: $5,000

– Utilities: $845

– Phone: $310

– Total Start-up Expenses: $50,097

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Start-up Assets

– Cash Required: $10,000

– Start-up Inventory: $0

– Other Current Assets: $4,480

– Long-term Assets: $47,267

– Total Assets: $61,747

Total Requirements: $111,844

Company Ownership

Laser Tag will be an Ohio subchapter S corporation that will incorporate in the year 2004. John Smith will own 100% of the corporation.

Products and Services

This chapter describes Zone System’s laser tag game. The description cannot properly convey the thrill a participant gets from playing the game. This can only be understood through firsthand experience. The complex will also offer a selection of video games to its customers for their amusement before and after playing laser tag. Modest food and beverage offerings are also planned. Another important feature of the complex will be its party room, available for rent. Thought has also been given to offering a unique new form of interactive technology called "Makoto." "Makoto" challenges participants physically and mentally. "Makoto" will not be part of the initial complex.

Laser Tag

A qualified staff member will give a briefing to the players in a ready room prior to donning the game’s gear. After the briefing, the players will enter the arena.

Stepping into the laser tag arena is like walking into a futuristic labyrinth filled with unfriendly forces. Your senses are bombarded by music, sirens, flashes of light, and color. Enemies crouch in shadows, intent on your destruction. For an instant, you consider retreat, but remind yourself this is just a game. The object of the game is to score points while defending yourself and your team’s base. Players are grouped into three teams identified by the color of their electronic vests: green, red, or yellow. A typical play experience is 30 minutes, including a briefing on rules and strategy, vesting up, and 15 minutes of intense competition. Points are scored by hitting opposing team’s targets and deactivating their base stations, while avoiding being hit. Reload stations make it possible for all players to stay in the game. The equipment is technologically advanced and provides immediate feedback to players. When the game is over, players receive personalized score sheets.


Peripheral entertainment and services include video games, vending machines, and souvenir merchandise. One upcoming innovative entertainment venue machine is called "Makoto." It engages and thrills while providing physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Participants tap lighted panels around them, choosing different levels and degrees of difficulty. "Makoto" promises to deliver a rounded and rewarding experience for the whole being: body, mind, and spirit.

Party Room

Part of the exceptional success of a Zone systems laser tag center is attributed to its party room. The room is available for groups such as birthday parties and office parties. It will normally be rented for two hours at a time and include snacks. The management team believes the party room will be instrumental in achieving projected revenues.


Laser Tag will be located in Big Mall shopping center, between Reaction Fitness center and Big Mall. The address is 4415 Suite B, North West Birch Road, MyTown, Ohio. This is an excellent location to serve our target market. Traffic at this location is high, with over 37,000 cars passing by daily. Laser Tag will have over 3,300 potential patrons between the age of 10-24 living within 3 square miles. The shopping center is centrally located and easy to reach from anywhere in the metropolitan area. It is well known to our market and has ample parking. The MyTown Area Transit bus line also serves the Big Mall shopping center.

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Space and Access

11,080 square feet is available for development. Access to the main lobby is from the main entrance at the front of the building, with a separate entrance to the party room.

Facility Design and Development

The entire facility will be laid out and decorated in a manner consistent with the starship concept. The lobby will contain video games and a counter. Three rooms are dedicated to the laser tag experience. The design will be provided by Zone Systems. Three additional rooms will be used for special events. The facility will have a total of 11,080 square feet.


The Dan Schwartz Construction Company was selected to remodel the interior for $38,000. The special effects and game system will be installed after renovation is complete.


During September to May, the hours of operation will be from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM Monday-Thursday, 4:30 PM to 12:00 AM Friday, 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM Saturday, and 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM Sunday. During June to August, the hours will change to 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM Monday-Thursday and 2:00 PM to 12:00 AM Friday. The president or day manager will start the business one hour before opening. The prime hours of operation will be 6:00 PM to midnight on Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Board of Directors

The board of directors will meet every quarter to establish policies, direct the company, and approve budgets. Board members will be paid $250 for attending each meeting.

President’s Duties

The president will supervise daily operations, reach financial objectives set by the board, recruit and train employees, establish marketing objectives, and review agreements with vendors, suppliers, and insurers.

Employee Relations

Laser Tag will be an equal employment employer. Recruiting advertising will not express a preference for younger people. Applicants will receive a reply and complete an application approved by the company’s attorney. Interviews and offers of employment will be documented. The company will develop and maintain an employee guide detailing employment policies and practices.

Equipment Repair

Failed equipment will be recorded on a work order form and attempts at repairs will be made if the failure appears routine. The designated repair service will be contacted if needed.

Market Analysis Summary

Laser Tag will be well located on Birch Road, which carries over 30,000 vehicles per day. The target market includes younger people who are the primary consumers of sports activities. There are enough members of these market segments in MyTown to support the laser tag center.

Laser Tag Gaming Center Business Plan Example

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