"How to Write a Business Plan for Your Industry"

Writing a business plan requires including certain sections regardless of your business type. However, researching and including industry-specific information can make your plan more useful.

Check out our industry business planning guides for tips on customizing your plan to succeed in your chosen industry.

Cleaning, repairs, and maintenance

It’s only a matter of time before something needs fixing, cleaning, or maintenance. Ensure your plan for a cleaning, repair, or maintenance business stands out.

Auto repair shop

Building a successful auto repair business requires efficiency and diverse services. Differentiate yourself from competitors by honing in on your market opportunity.

Cleaning service

Success in the cleaning industry requires exceptional service and understanding customer trends. A business plan will help you grow.


The HVAC services market continues to grow. A solid business plan will help you acquire customers and scale efficiently.


Operating a successful laundromat business requires careful planning, strict compliance, and significant upfront costs.

Consulting, advertising, and marketing

In this booming industry filled with creative talent, staying up-to-date with trends and providing quality service is essential.

Life coaching

The dynamic world of coaching presents opportunities for personal and professional growth. Develop a plan for your business as you do for your clients.


Running an events space, whether for formal parties, concerts, weddings, or business conferences, requires tidy planning.

Wedding venue

Starting a wedding venue business? Write a business plan to say "I do" to your startup.

Farm and agriculture

Organized and efficient operations are crucial in the farm and agriculture industry, whether you work with crops or wildlife.

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Agritourism offers visitors a chance to experience life on working agricultural enterprises and learn about sustainable practices.

Food and beverage

Standing out in the competitive food and beverage industry requires more than just good food. Stay on top of technology and find your unique selling point.


Starting a bakery? Pay attention to partnerships, branding, and starting expense forecasts.


Brewing great beer is not enough. Understand market penetration and supply chain management.

Coffee shop

To run a successful coffee shop, understand your competitors and identify what makes your shop unique.

Fast food restaurant

Despite established brands, the fast food industry can still be a viable option with the right plan.

Healthcare and medical

Legal and regulatory compliance is essential in the healthcare and medical industry. Account for it in your plan.

Home health care

Start your own home health care business to meet the demand for custom senior and disability care options.

Real estate and rentals

Real estate opportunities vary across development, management, lending, and professional services. Plan accordingly.

Retail and service

Understanding your customers’ needs is crucial when selling physical goods or intangible services. Show your passion in your plan.

Why Industry Matters in Business Planning

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to business planning. Tailor your plan to fit the requirements of your industry.

Consider the industry-specific details and challenges when writing your plan. It will help you allocate your time and ensure key areas are well-developed.

Industry Business Plan Templates and Tools

Simplify your planning process with our free industry samples and templates.

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How to Write a Business Plan for Your Industry -

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How to Write a Business Plan for Your Industry -

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How to Write a Business Plan for Your Industry -

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