How to Write a Cleaning Service Business Plan

With busy schedules and job demands, not everyone has time to clean up after themselves.

That’s why nearly 10 percent of Americans hired residential cleaning services in 2020, and the demand for cleaners is rising. Despite resistance to return to the office, commercial cleaning remains a $100 billion industry. Building owners still need pristine spaces for lease or sale opportunities.

If you’re entering the cleaning industry or trying to grow your existing business, you’ll need to do upfront work. That’s where a business plan comes in. This article will help you ensure you’re meeting the right market opportunity and that your business brings in enough revenue for long-term profitability. A business plan is crucial if you need a bank loan or investment.

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What to include in a cleaning service business plan?

Keep your plan concise and focus on the most important sections for your business. Your plan will likely include some or all of these sections:

A cleaning service business plan should address the wide range of services and related products you may offer. Your business might provide specialized cleaning services or sell eco-friendly cleaning products along with cleaning homes or office spaces.

Detail your strategies for promoting each of these products and services to maximize revenue from each client.

Here’s an example of a cleaning service business plan outline.

How to Write a Cleaning Service Business Plan

The 8 elements of an effective cleaning service business plan

1. Executive summary

The executive summary is a concise overview of your cleaning service business plan. Outline all components of your business in one to two pages.

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Include a mission statement that explains your company’s purpose, such as becoming the leading residential cleaning service in your area or expanding the market for eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This statement summarizes what your company does for customers, employees, and owners, and sets your business apart from competitors.

If writing for a bank or investor, start with a clear value proposition to make a good first impression.

2. Market analysis

In this section, thoroughly assess your market and identify key trends in the region’s home or commercial real estate sectors that indicate a need for your services.

Evaluate the size of your potential market, including residential and commercial segments. Analyze the competition by identifying existing providers and their services, highlighting any gaps your business can fill.

3. Cleaning services and products

Detail the various cleaning services and products you offer, such as standard cleaning, deep cleaning, specialized disinfection services, or eco-friendly options.

If you use specific products or equipment, include those details. Emphasize any services or products that differentiate your business, such as allergen-free cleaning services or exclusively green cleaning products.

4. Marketing and sales strategy

Outline your marketing and sales strategy to attract and retain customers for your cleaning service.

Identify the most effective marketing channels, such as online advertising, social media, local flyers, or partnerships with real estate agencies.

Explain the importance of a strong online presence, including a user-friendly website and active social media profiles, to build brand awareness and credibility.

Provide information about your pricing strategy and whether you’ll offer special promotions or loyalty programs to encourage repeat business and referrals.

5. Milestones

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Outline the key objectives for your business and set timelines for achieving them. List milestones, such as securing funding, acquiring licenses, launching marketing campaigns, reaching client goals, or hitting revenue targets. Assign responsibility for each milestone to team members.

6. Company overview

Give a brief overview of your cleaning business, including the legal structure, target service area, and history (if applicable).

If seeking funding, clearly state the required amount, how you plan to use it, and how it will benefit the business. Describe funding uses, such as expanding services or hiring additional staff.

Include a management team section that covers key employees’ roles, responsibilities, qualifications, and experience.

If you plan to contract with cleaning crews, explain how this arrangement will work and its benefits.

7. Financial plan and forecasts

Present detailed financial projections, including revenue, costs, and profitability.

For a new business, list startup costs, funding sources, and expected investments.

Include a cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet to demonstrate your cleaning service’s potential for sustainable profits.

8. Appendix

Use this section to include supporting information or documents, such as market research data, lease agreements, employee contracts, or licensing and permit documents.

Writing an effective cleaning service business plan: Key considerations

1. Offer diverse service offerings

Cater to a wide array of customer needs, from residential homes to commercial spaces. Expanding your share of the market requires appealing to the broadest customer base.

2. Pricing strategy

Balance attracting and retaining customers with profitability. Conduct extensive market research to determine competitive pricing in your area. Consider flexible pricing models like flat rates or discounts for recurring appointments, ensuring revenue generated from repeat business can compensate for any offered discounts.

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3. Protect your reputation

Emphasize quality work and reliable service in your marketing plan and customer feedback policies. Regularly monitor online reviews to maintain a positive reputation.

4. Professional training and standards

Set high standards for your employees by including training on cleaning techniques, customer service, and safety protocols in your plan.

5. Online marketing and presence

Invest in a professionally designed website optimized for search engines, and engage actively on social media platforms. Consider strategic online advertising to increase visibility and attract new customers.

Download your cleaning service sample business plan PDF

Download the free cleaning service sample business plan PDF or access ‘ gallery of over 550 sample business plans for more options.

Tailor the plan to your cleaning service, whether it is eco-friendly or commercial. The core elements of the business plan will be consistent.

Writing a business plan is beneficial even if you are not seeking funding. It ensures you consider all aspects of your business and avoid overlooking critical elements as you grow.

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