Copriso is a total printing solution provider for Denver area businesses, offering office stationery, brochures, business forms, and marketing materials. Previously known as ePrint, Inc., Copriso operated as a sole proprietorship under the ownership of Adam Suson for five years. Adam had previously managed scheduling, procurement, press operations, employees, and customer service for his family-owned Sir Speedy franchise. After the franchise was sold, Adam became an independent printing consultant under the name ePrint, Inc.

To avoid a name conflict, Copriso adopted the name "Colorado Printing Solutions" last year and decided to implement an aggressive marketing strategy using direct mail and telephone solicitation. To support this strategy, Copriso brought on a new business partner, Paul Levy, who has 15 years of sales and marketing experience in computer technology and telephony. Paul has a track record of exceeding sales goals and has experience in both individual sales and sales management and training.

Printing is a necessary expense for most businesses, making Copriso confident that the name and ownership change, along with the new marketing strategy, will be a profitable decision. The key factors for success in the coming year include implementing the new marketing plan, increasing the customer base, and maintaining financial control and cash flow planning.

To support the marketing strategy, Copriso is seeking a long-term loan to cover business expenses during the first year and ensure consistent marketing efforts.

Printing Services Broker Business Plan Example

1.1 Mission

Copriso is a printing solutions provider dedicated to offering a single source for all printing needs, prioritizing the trust of our customers. We will maintain a reasonable margin while providing a fair price and exceptional service. We will also maintain a creative work environment that respects new ideas and hard work.

1.2 Objectives

1. Generate generous annual sales by the third year of this plan.

2. Establish a tiered client hierarchy:

– 20% long term, established customers

– 60% customers with ongoing irregular and periodic needs

– 20% new customers with unestablished needs.

3. Find 12 new appointments and bidding opportunities per month.

4. Establish two new long-term "quality" relationships per month.

5. Operate at a 50%+ margin, using historical rates from the previous eight years of data.

6. Be a true one-stop operation, accommodating all of a customer’s printing needs from consulting and design assistance to printing, binding, and distribution. Our goal is to eliminate the need for customers to source printing outside of our scope.

7. Promote awareness of Copriso to support sales and income goals through aggressive marketing and telephone contact. This awareness will come from both marketing and word-of-mouth referrals. We will use our existing customer base to solicit continued and enhanced business, as well as requesting referral information from each customer. Client awareness of Copriso will initially be promoted through direct mailings and telephone sales. Future marketing plans are being discussed with radio and television potentials.

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8. Achieve a 30% annual growth rate, based on eight years of historical data and the new marketing plan.

Company Summary

Copriso is a privately owned and operated small business with well-established relationships in the Denver Metro area. It was incorporated last year but was conceived and started several years ago as ePrint, Inc. Copriso was founded by Adam Suson, who has 14 years of experience in printing, managing, and operating a Sir Speedy franchise.

Copriso offers a unique way to accomplish printing for businesses. Many companies that refer to themselves as brokers match clients and printers for a fee, with their responsibility ending there. Printers try to meet their clients’ needs but focus on profitability. Our company structure fills a niche while providing a classic "win/win" scenario.

We save our customers money and time in three ways:

1. Operating as an internal resource or employee for our customers, eliminating the need for ongoing salaries.

2. Finding the most efficient and effective way for our customers to accomplish each printing task.

3. Offering competitive rates, saving customers an average of 10% to 25% off direct printer pricing.

Additionally, we provide a valuable service for our printer partners by bringing them large volumes of ongoing business. Our printer partners offer us a substantial discount off regular costs due to this positioning, allowing for our projected margin.

2.1 Start-up Summary

Our start-up costs and expenses assumptions are shown in the following tables and illustration. The start-up costs will be financed by direct owner investment, with an additional loan being sought to ensure business operations, marketing, and stability during the first three years.

Printing Services Broker Business Plan Example

Start-up Funding:

– Start-up Expenses to Fund: $43,000

– Start-up Assets to Fund: $50,000

– Total Funding Required: $93,000


– Non-cash Assets from Start-up: $0

– Cash Requirements from Start-up: $50,000

– Additional Cash Raised: $0

– Cash Balance on Starting Date: $50,000

– Total Assets: $50,000

Liabilities and Capital:

– Liabilities:

– Current Borrowing: $0

– Long-term Liabilities: $50,000

– Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills): $0

– Other Current Liabilities (interest-free): $0

– Total Liabilities: $50,000

– Capital:

– Planned Investment:

– Adam Suson: $21,500

– Paul Levy: $21,500

– Other: $0

– Additional Investment Requirement: $0

– Total Planned Investment: $43,000

– Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses): ($43,000)

– Total Capital: $0

– Total Capital and Liabilities: $50,000

– Total Funding: $93,000

Start-up Requirements:

– Start-up Expenses:

– Legal: $1,000

– Stationery etc.: $250

– Brochures: $0

– Consultants: $800

– Insurance: $0

– Rent: $0

– Research and Development: $500

– Expensed Equipment: $100

– Working Capital: $40,350

– Total Start-up Expenses: $43,000

– Start-up Assets:

– Cash Required: $50,000

– Other Current Assets: $0

– Long-term Assets: $0

– Total Assets: $50,000

– Total Requirements: $93,000

Company Ownership:

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Copriso is a privately-held Colorado S-corporation. Adam Suson, Copriso’s founder, is the President and Operations Manager. Paul Levy is the Vice President and Sales Manager. Adam handles internal operations, job management, and accounting functions. Paul handles marketing, sales, computer based functionality, data management, and storage functions.


Copriso provides custom solutions for business printing needs. We service customers who need a one-stop solution for all their printing needs. We provide cost savings through job-specific solution sales. Our solutions focus on customer needs, project time frame, and overall scope of work. With established vendor partners, Copriso can accommodate any job size with tailored solutions. Our products and services include:

– Consultation

– Printing needs analysis and recommendations

– Inventory management and storage

Graphic design

– Corporate image

– Copy writing

– Pickup and delivery

– Electronic communication and file management

– Bindery, including cutting, folding, stitching, die cutting, foil stamping, and embossing

– Letterhead

– Envelopes

– Business cards

– Business forms, including multi-part and carbonless

– Brochures

– Mailers

– Fliers

– Packaging

– Catalogs

– Coupons

– Labels

– Annual reports

– Specialty items, including silk screening, embroidery, and advertising specialties

Market Analysis Summary:

The printing market is worth an estimated $168 billion nationwide, projected to grow 5% per year. Total US print shipments should grow around 5% to approximately $171 billion. Copriso’s predecessor, ePrint, Inc., has been selling at a rate of approximately $160,000 per year for the past 5 years.

Market Segmentation:

The printing industry is separated into market segments with anticipated growth:

– Electronic Prepress: 10%

– Manuals: 8%

– Direct Mail: 10%

– Marketing/Promotion: 13%

– Quick Printing: 6%

– Catalogues: 5%

– Packaging: 6%

– Coupons: 4%

– Inserts: 7%

– Labels: 4%

– Trade Binding: 4%

– Business Forms: 4%

– Business Communications: 6%

– Annual Reports: 2%

– Books: 6%

– Magazines: 5%

– Traditional Prepress: (negative 3%)

Copriso focuses on larger scale, full-color promotional and marketing pieces. Our ideal product focus is with full-color, sheet-fed printing. Customers for this product include marketing and advertising firms, manufacturing, retail, and restaurant.

Target Market Segment Strategy:

Copriso competes in the small to medium size business segment, defined as 10 to 200 employees with sales ranging from $250,000 to $5 million and printing expenditures of between $5,000 and $30,000. Industries include construction, property management, healthcare, manufacturing, Colorado-based retail chains, medical, accounting, and legal firms. Our marketing and sales efforts are directed within Colorado.

Our strategy revolves around “partnering” with clients. We aim to provide exceptional service and save our customers money. We have acquired lists of potential clients through InfoUSA, a leads source. There are over 5,000 immediate targets in the Colorado front range.

Industry Analysis:

The printing industry operates in an environment where various forces work on costs, prices, product demand, and supply. Changes in technologies, emerging advertising media, new ways of conducting business, and the strengths of the print buying industries all impact the industry. The printing industry is not as discretionary as other market segments.

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Competition and Buying Patterns:

Cost and service are the key areas in the printing industry. Sales efforts in the industry are generally sparse. Most printers rely on Yellow Pages advertising and referrals. 80% of customers are willing to try alternative sources for their printing needs. Copriso aims to maintain existing customers with high-quality service while educating them on additional services and products. Most printers rely on customers coming to them, but by going to the customer, Copriso can capture a large share of the existing printing purchases.

Comparison of Local Competition:

| | Company 1 | Company 2 | Company 3 | Company 4 | Company 5 | Company 6 | Company 7 |


| Physical Space | 1,500 Sq Ft | 7,500 Sq Ft | 15,000 Sq Ft | 8,000 Sq Ft | Home Office | 8,000 Sq Ft | 10,000 Sq Ft |

| No. Presses | 2 | 6 | 7 | 3 | 0 | 2 | 5 |

| Area Served | S.E. Denver | S.E. Denver | Metro Denver | Metro Denver | Metro Denver | Metro Denver | Metro Denver |

| Years in Business | 24 | 24 | 19 | 12 | 10 | 15 | 38 |

| No. of Employees | 4 | 14 | 15 | 8 | 1 | 8 | 10 |

| Avg. Yrs. / Employed | 2 | 2 | 1 | 1 | 10 | 2 | 5 |

| Products | General business | Business & small commercial | Business & small commercial | Commercial, specialty, comprehensive | Small business & commercial | Medium commercial | Commercial & specialty |

| Services | Printing, bindery | Design, printing, bindery, consulting | Design, printing, bindery, consulting | Design, printing, bindery, consulting | Design, printing, bindery, consulting | Design, prepress, printing, bindery | Design, prepress, printing, bindery |

| Strengths | Nice people | Speed | Customer service | Unusual job specialists | Communications | Onsite for everything | Product knowledge |

| Weaknesses | No regular client contact, old equipment | Poor accuracy | Large scale and specialty | Employee turnover | No large format, no full color | Customer service | Quick printing |

| Pickup | When they can | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes |

| Deliver | When they can | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes |

| Consult | No | No | No | Yes | Yes | No | Yes |

| Warehouse | Not really | Yes | No | Yes | Yes | No | Yes |

| Inventory Mgmt. | No | No | No | No | No | No | No |

| Terms | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes |

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