The Best Free Apps and Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

The Best Free Apps and Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

As we head toward the new year, you’re likely thinking about setting goals and getting organized.

I’ve collated a list of tools—for web and mobile devices—that have helped me and others get things done, save time, and work more productively.

Email management tools

Boomerang for Gmail

If you work best from about 10pm onwards, you’ve probably been in a pickle: How do you send an email at 2am without looking unprofessional?

That’s where Boomerang comes in. This handy tool allows you to write and schedule emails for a more “appropriate” sending time. Want to look like an early riser? Write your 2am email, schedule it for 7am, and sleep as it sends!


Want an affordable CRM tool? Streak does it all from within your inbox. Use it to manage contacts, deals, projects, messages, and more. It will even let you schedule emails to be sent later and tell you when someone has read your email.

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Project management tools


Easily my favorite project management tool. Trello is great for listing stock, prioritizing tasks, and playing around with ideas. It’s a must-have.


The free alternative to Basecamp. Asana is a useful tool for working with your team without needing to do it all from within your inbox.

Tools that save time

LastPass Password Manager

A lifesaver for managing passwords. It’s secure and easy to use.

Google Dictionary extension

A handy extension for spell check and definitions.

AdBlock extension

Gets rid of distractions and ads, but use it wisely.

Tools for information collectors and note takers

Google Keep

The best app for quick note-taking. Simple and easy to use.

Pinterest for “word people.” Collect content from the web and organize it into lists.

Goodreads extension

A great tool for managing your reading list and finding new books to read.

Other tools you can look into: Pocket (save to read later), Evernote, Pinterest, and Microsoft OneNote.

The simplest invoicing, accounting, and payroll tools


A free accounting and invoicing tool. It has everything you need to get started.


A simple invoicing tool with free features. Upgrade for more advanced options.

Marketing tools


The easiest email tool out there. Revolutionize your marketing with drag-and-drop features and free templates.


More than a social media tool. Use it to manage connections, find employees, and build your personal brand.

Branding and design tools for the DIYer


A great alternative to Photoshop. Create images easily with templates and free graphics.

Your online business card. Collect relevant links and create your personal brand.

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Easy online photo editing tool. Crop, adjust colors, add text, and more.

Easier to use than Excel for creating charts, graphs, maps, and interactive graphics.

Tools for monitoring and building your brand

Google Alerts

Monitor mentions of your brand and stay on top of the news.


Respond to media coverage opportunities. It’s a great way to get exposure.

Twitter Lists

Create lists to stay on top of relevant people and companies on Twitter.

A word to the wise

These tools are better when used with specific tactics in mind or in conjunction with other tools. Maximize their potential by exploring different features and integrations.

If you need recommendations or have specific needs, let me know. I’ll be happy to help!

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