5 Tips to Create More Engaging Newsletters That Connect With Customers

Creating More Engaging Newsletters That Connect With Customers

Email marketing remains the channel of choice for most marketers. Countless studies have shown that email newsletters deliver the best marketing return on investment – McKinsey & Company even found them to be 40 times more effective than social media.

About 83% of B2B companies currently use email newsletters for marketing. However, not all newsletters are equally successful. Here’s a primer on essential elements of newsletter creation that lead to results.

1. Deliver value, not just a sales pitch

Your subscribers aren’t signing up for marketing and sales messages. They’ve most likely signed up for another reason. Your newsletter must deliver value and not just be a sales pitch. Include a call to action, but don’t focus on it as the main reason for the email.

Make sure the value you provide is specific to your audience. Deliver on the promises you made when they signed up.

2. Focus on the subject line

The subject line is crucial – it determines whether your email gets opened. Make it direct, short, and engaging. Use strong word choice and clarity on what’s to follow. Personalization and emojis can also be effective.

3. Keep the newsletter design simple

While newsletters should have consistent branding, avoid over-designing them. Stick to simple layouts that highlight your core message. With over 40% of emails opened on mobile devices, simplicity is key.

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Limit the number of sections to under five. Focus on one main idea with a few short blurbs at the end.

4. Send consistently, but don’t overload readers

There’s no hard and fast rule for how often to send your newsletter, but one mailing per week is a best practice. Tailor the frequency to your audience and content marketing operation.

5. Provide incentives for engagement

Offer incentives for reading your newsletter. Provide exclusive information or access to special events or webinars. It could also be something simple like a survey or an ebook.

Continue refining your newsletter creation

By including these essential elements and continually refining your approach, you can create a successful email marketing channel. Experiment, test, and iterate to optimize your newsletters.

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