How to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Video for Your Startup

How to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Video for Your Startup

Crowdfunding can effectively raise funds and test the market for new ideas, but organizing a successful campaign requires some secrets that every business should know.

Creating a video is one of the best things you can do for your crowdfunding campaign. Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding platform, has helped over 117,000 startups get funding from more than 12 million people. Projects with a video succeed about 50 percent of the time, compared to 30 percent success rate of text-only campaigns.

Campaign videos allow direct communication and emotional connection with the audience. Studying successful crowdfunding campaign videos can provide insights into best practices.

Here are some tips to ensure your campaign video is effective and grabs investors’ attention:

1. Get your script (and your message) right

Invest in meticulously planning every aspect of your execution to inspire confidence in your idea’s success. Consider bringing in a professional depending on the size of your funding goal. Make your script attention-grabbing from the very first minute and get straight to the point.

The basic crowdfunding video structure

Use a simple structure:

  • Tell the viewer who you are
  • Describe the story behind your project, including the idea’s origin and its current stage
  • Have a clear call to action by immediately asking for support and explaining why it’s necessary
  • Talk about your rewards to entice viewers
  • Evoke emotions by explaining the consequences of not reaching the funding goal
  • Thank everyone
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2. Pay attention to lighting

If you’re shooting the video yourself, ensure good lighting by researching or watching YouTube videos about DIY video lighting. Good video production value improves usefulness.

Here are a few lighting tips:

  • Avoid glare by positioning yourself 45 degrees away from the light source
  • Clean background and distance from it provide depth of field
  • Position yourself to the left or right of the frame to make it visually interesting and allow room for post-production additions

3. Be heard: Your audio quality matters

Clean audio is crucial, as viewers will switch off if they can’t hear or understand you. Consider investing in a good quality microphone and speak clearly. Record in a quiet spot devoid of outside noise.

4. Invest in editing and post-production

Post-production editing improves the overall quality of your video. Consider hiring a local freelance video editor or using online professional video editing services, such as Valoso. Remove any copyrighted logos from frames and be mindful of copyrighted audio.

5. Keep it brief

Keep your video brief because people have short attention spans. Focus on the story behind the project and the team to make an emotional connection. Aim for a video length that ensures high completion rates.

Remember, few people will read your entire written proposal, but many will watch your video, so put in the effort to make it successful. Research successful Kickstarter projects for more ideas. Your video will significantly impact your project’s funding success!

A few final notes on crowdfunding

To learn more about startup funding, check out the funding guide, specifically the section on alternative sources of funding. Keep in mind that crowdfunding money is considered income, not donations, so taxes will apply. Good luck!

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