The Complete Guide to Registering Your Business Name

How to Register Your Business Name Legally

When I was a child, my family and neighbors held annual summer garage sales. It helped the community and reduced clutter. I would buy lemonade, bake cookies and brownies, and set up shop. It was simple.

But setting up a business requires more than that. You need to register your business name. There are several options for doing so.

1. Register your business structure:

– Choose a name that complies with your state’s rules.

– File paperwork and pay fees.

– Publish a notice of intent if required by your state.

– Acquire necessary permits and licenses.

2. File a DBA (doing business as):

Apply for a DBA name to do business under a different name.

– Useful for sole proprietors who don’t want to use their full name.

3. Trademark your business:

Register for a state or national trademark to protect your business name.

– Trademarks can include colors, symbols, logos, and slogans.

– Trademark registration is more expensive and challenging.

Choose the option that suits your business situation. If you’re setting up a specific business structure, you may keep the business name associated. A DBA is suitable for sole proprietors or if you don’t want to use your registered name. Trademarking is for businesses wanting to protect their intellectual property.

Remember to check the availability of a web domain for your chosen name. Use the BusinessNameZone business name generator to research and check availability.

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