Free Business Name Generator

Free Business Name Generator

Create AI-generated business name ideas in seconds.

Find your business name in 3 steps

  1. Answer questions – Provide detail or leave it blank to see name suggestions.
  2. Copy your favorite – Copy the business names you like.
  3. Adjust and regenerate – Modify your answers for more results.

Tips for using the AI business name generator

  • Don’t have an answer to every question? Leave it blank and still get great name suggestions.
  • Not getting results you like? Clear your answers and try again.
  • Avoid using current business names. To avoid trademark infringement, do not use existing names.

How to come up with a good business name?

A good business name is unique, memorable, hard to imitate, and available. Along with this AI generator, other ways to find a great name include:

  • Combine two words
  • Use a common word
  • Use an acronym or abbreviation
  • Create a unique name

How to check if your business name works

To determine if your chosen name works, consider these questions:

  1. Is it distinctive?
  2. Is it short and snappy?
  3. Is it easy to spell and pronounce?
  4. Is it likable?
  5. Is it protectable?
  6. Can you get the URL?
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Additional resources for naming your business

For more guidance on finding the perfect business name, check out these resources:

Small business branding guide

Learn how your business name fits into your brand with our extensive guide on small business branding.

How to choose a trademarkable business name

Learn how to select a name that is difficult to imitate and eligible for trademark protection.

10 common business naming mistakes to avoid

Discover critical errors to avoid, such as misspellings, following trends, and being too generic.

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