3 Reasons Your Small Business Should Connect With Younger Customers

Why Your Small Business Should Focus on Younger Customers

Targeting is a core concern for small businesses. Some are just getting started, trying to figure out their audience. Others are struggling to gain ground in a crowded market. While many factors are worth addressing (brand identity, content marketing, value propositions), targeting a specific audience is essential. If you’re not reaching the right people, you’re wasting your time.

So who are the right people? This will vary depending on the products and/or services you offer. But there’s an audience segment that every small business should target: young people. Age is significant.

Why your business should focus on younger consumers

But what makes young people important? They’re the future, but let’s dig deeper. In this article, we’ll make the case for focusing on younger consumers. Here are the three key reasons why every small business should prioritize them.

1. They’re more open to changing their views

As you get older, you become set in your ways. Younger people are more open-minded. They’re growing, changing, and adapting how they see the world. They’re willing to try new things and seek guidance through unconventional means. Social media’s success is owed to young people.

Older people listen through traditional channels. Younger people listen to influencers and brands, going where the buzz is. Younger people know how to use the internet to their advantage. They turn to online learning platforms for cheaper and more accessible education.

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You can persuade younger consumers that your product or service can change the game. You can focus on your brand mission, nonprofit efforts, the people behind your business, and how you make your products or services. For younger consumers, you have a greater opportunity to change their minds.

2. They’re accessible via more channels

Younger people embrace social media. Small businesses targeting young people can choose from various viable digital channels. They can email them, advertise through social media, contact them directly on social media, run entertaining social accounts, and reach out through forum sites like Reddit.

This means you have options. If you have someone who knows about Snapchat, you can draw upon that expertise. If a campaign on one channel fails, you can start fresh on a different channel without baggage. You can use cross-posting to advertise on multiple social media channels simultaneously. This provides a tremendous return on your investment.

3. They’re more valuable as long-term customers

Bringing in new customers to replace those dissatisfied with your service is time-consuming and expensive. It’s better to retain the customers you already have. Younger people have years of spending ahead of them, and one loyal customer can be very valuable.

You must also factor in the prospect of winning over brand evangelists. Younger people are more likely to shout about their new favorite brand on social media. Their perspective is seen as more valuable by their peers.

Do your research when pursuing younger customers

In conclusion, younger consumers are open-minded, accessible through various channels, and more valuable as long-term customers. Before pivoting your audience to the younger generation, review your messaging and business model. Make the necessary changes. Conduct a market analysis, explore the needs and wants of this younger generation, and see how this adjustment could impact your business. Pursuing a younger audience is vital, but research is essential.

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