Artisan Treasures specializes in offering exclusive and durable handcrafted goods. Our products are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring both beauty and functionality for years to come.


Customers often feel overwhelmed by mass-produced products on large e-commerce platforms. It can be challenging to find unique and durable items that align with personal style.


Artisan Treasures provides a curated selection of handcrafted goods made by local artisans. These products are more durable than mass-produced items and offer a unique and personal touch.

Target Market:

Our target market includes individuals who value quality and seek to add a personal touch to their homes or outfits. We cater to customers who appreciate artisanal craftsmanship and support small businesses.

Competitors and Differentiation:


– Other Etsy shops

– Online marketplaces

– Brick and mortar art galleries


– Curated selection of handcrafted goods

– Provides unique and high-quality products

– Works closely with local artisans

– Ensures products are crafted with care and attention to detail

Why Us:

At Artisan Treasures, we prioritize supporting local artisans and preserving handmade craftsmanship tradition. We also prioritize customer satisfaction by working closely with our artisans to maintain high-quality standards.

Funding Needs:

To launch our business, we estimate initial startup costs to be $10,000. This budget will cover inventory, website development, and marketing expenses. We plan to finance this through personal savings and a small business loan.

Sales Channels:

We will utilize the following sales channels:

Etsy shop

Social media

– Online advertising

– Participation in local craft fairs and markets

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Financial Projections:

We anticipate that our revenue will offset expenses, resulting in a profit of $25,000 in year one, $40,000 in year two, and $50,000 in year three. As our customer base grows and we expand our product offerings, we expect our profits to continue to increase.


– Year 1: $50,000

– Year 2: $75,000

– Year 3: $100,000


– Year 1: $25,000

– Year 2: $35,000

– Year 3: $50,000


– Year 1: $25,000

– Year 2: $40,000

– Year 3: $50,000


– Launching our Etsy shop

– Expanding our product offerings

– Establishing partnerships with new artisans

Team and Key Roles:


– Develop and oversee business strategy and operations

– Manage relationships with artisans and suppliers

– Ensure high-quality product offerings and customer satisfaction

– Monitor financial performance and make necessary adjustments

Marketing Manager:

– Develop and implement marketing campaigns

– Manage social media accounts and online presence

– Identify new sales channels and partnerships

– Analyze customer feedback and adjust marketing strategy accordingly

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