The Miami Beach Film Society (MBFS) is expanding to have a permanent home, the Miami Beach Cinematheque. The Cinematheque will also serve as the office/headquarters for MBFS’ main annual event, the Miami Beach International Film Festival (MBIFF). This plan focuses on the first year of operation, opening with a strategic start-up "Founding Circle" and then operating through programming, marketing, sales, and fundraising.

Funding is needed for initial start-up expenses such as build-out, rent, equipment, and cash for the first few months. Revenue will come from memberships, admissions, sales, fundraising activities, and grants.

Strategic alliances have been formed to ensure the success of the Cinematheque and MBIFF. The business goals for the first year of operation include successfully opening the space, generating revenue, maintaining high profit margins, raising funding from grants, and reaching various audiences through outreach.

The mission of MBFS is to provide a cultural alternative to commercial film experiences, celebrate and promote artistic elements, and nurture the art of filmmaking. The Cinematheque will be a base for utilizing, enjoying, learning, and discovering. It will also be an inclusive workplace focused on creativity and ideas.

MBFS has a successful history of collaboration and creative programming. The products and services provided by the Cinematheque will complement its mission and offer a unique experience for film enthusiasts. Marketing strategies include membership development, direct mailings, on-site marketing, targeted advertisements, and press contacts.

Fundraising efforts are underway to cover start-up costs. The Cinematheque website will showcase creativity and style. The team will comprise an Operations Manager, volunteers, and potential paid positions as needed. The Board of Trustees will provide expert advice and donations.

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Founder and Director Dana Keith is uniquely qualified to lead the project. The Board of Directors, including Chairman Barbara Pergament, will play a significant role in guiding the organization. Future team members include Juan Carlos Zaldivar and Rhonda Mitrani. The team will expand as the project develops.

The balance sheet and tables show managed growth and a healthy financial position. With continued growth, MBFS will be able to develop the Miami Beach International Film Festival while the Cinematheque thrives as a successful addition to the city’s culture.

Art Film Theater Business Plan Example

During its first year, the Cinematheque has the following business goals:

1. Open the space on Espanola Way with support from appropriate partners and donors.

2. Generate over $10,000 in monthly income from ticket sales, memberships, retail sales, and other services.

3. Maintain a gross profit margin of at least 60%.

4. Secure $10,000 from newly developed funding sources such as grants.

5. Build and maintain a strong membership base.

6. Develop an outreach program to attract new markets and support the Miami Beach International Film Festival.

The mission of the Miami Beach Film Society is to provide a cultural alternative to commercial films and promote the artistic elements of filmmaking. The Cinematheque will be the home of MBFS and will foster diversity and inclusion.

The Miami Beach Film Society has been a non-profit organization since 1993. The organization has presented unique programming that combines film with various aspects of Miami Beach culture. The Cinematheque will serve as a year-round space for programming and will be the headquarters of the Miami Beach International Film Festival.

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Strategic alliances have been formed with organizations and businesses that support the Cinematheque and MBIFF. The City of Miami Beach, TMG Productions, and various film industry professionals will contribute to fundraising and collaboration efforts.

Programming at the Cinematheque will include regular nights of specialized programming, workshops, and demonstrations. The venue will also host other local film festivals and serve as a hub for information and activities related to those festivals.

The Cinematheque will be located on Espanola Way, and it will be an important cultural anchor for Miami Beach. The main room will serve as a viewing space with a seating capacity of less than 50, and the outdoor courtyard will offer an additional viewing option. The Cinematheque will also have a gallery space for exhibitions and a production room for in-house productions.

Start-up expenses will cover the build-out improvements of the space and the marketing and operational costs for the first few months of operation. Strategic alliances with the City of Miami Beach, Espanola Way, Inc., architects, and designers will support the construction and design process.

Overall, the Cinematheque aims to provide a unique and culturally enriching experience for Miami Beach residents and visitors. It will contribute to the artistic elements of filmmaking and promote the cultural diversity of the community.

Art Film Theater Business Plan Example

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