How to Learn Programming and Launch Your App in 3 Months

How to Learn Programming and Launch Your App in 3 Months

If you’ve ever tried to start a software company or build a mobile app, you’ve probably come across these options:

1. Find a technical cofounder.

2. Hire a freelancer to build your app.

3. Learn programming and build it yourself.

Finding a cofounder without prior technical connections can be a lengthy and difficult process.

Your potential partner must possess technical expertise, time availability, and genuine interest in your project. However, even if you do find someone, convincing them to join your team will remain challenging.

Hiring a freelancer can work if you have the funds. However, it is a challenging process, often taking longer than expected. Additionally, freelancers may not meet your expectations, resulting in design discrepancies, slower performance, and unexpected interface elements. Your app will also require post-launch bug fixes, maintenance, and additional costs.

My Experience with Cofounders and Freelancers

Three years ago, as a 20-year-old business student, I set out to build a music streaming service for musicians and fans. I spent the first year searching for a technical cofounder, but encountered difficulties due to a lack of commitment or passion from potential partners. Our progress was slow, and we never built something I felt confident releasing.

The following year involved attempts to hire freelancers. Similar issues to those faced with cofounders arose, such as limited time availability due to their full-time jobs. Building my iOS app with a freelancer took six months.

Unfortunately, my freelancer’s laptop, containing all the code, was stolen, leaving me out of money and without a partner or means to hire a replacement. Unable to wait or find a new cofounder, I decided to learn programming and build the app myself.

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How Long Does It Really Take to Learn Programming?

Avoid Googling "How long does it take to learn programming?" as it may discourage you with answers like "I’m still learning after five years" or "Around two years if you do a lesson a day." While programming is an ongoing learning process, it doesn’t take years to learn enough to build and release an app.

By dedicating six hours a day to programming, it took me three months to build and launch my iOS app. Here’s the result if you’re interested [insert link to app].

Tutorials and Understanding the Basics

Starting with zero programming experience, I had no idea where to begin or how to write code. Fortunately, I discovered an excellent website called Code with Chris, which offers beginner-friendly iOS programming lessons. I highly recommend this resource.

Other resources for learning programming include:

– Codecademy

– MIT OpenCourseWare

– Khan Academy

– Various YouTube videos

Choose beginner-oriented courses rather than ones designed for experienced programmers. These courses cover the essential basics, which beginners can find challenging.

During the course, it is vital to actively write code. Avoid watching tutorials passively and assuming you can take notes and code later. Making mistakes and troubleshooting is crucial for efficient learning. When facing programming hurdles, consult Stack Overflow, a valuable resource for beginners.

After completing the course, instead of building small programs, focus on implementing your app’s individual features. Working on your passion project will keep you motivated and accelerate your learning journey.

Building Your Program

Completing the parts of your program teaches you specific programming requirements. Examining code inconsistencies and areas for improvement will enhance your final product’s performance and readability.

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Releasing Your Program

Releasing a new product can be nerve-wracking, but negative outcomes are less likely than expected. User feedback will help you identify improvements you hadn’t considered initially. Release your app quickly and make iterative updates based on user insights.

Learning programming is the ideal path for entrepreneurs entering the tech space. Hiring freelancers can be costly, and finding cofounders is significantly challenging. Don’t repeat my mistakes; start learning programming as soon as possible, and let your passion drive you forward.

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