Creating a Captivating Elevator Pitch

A great elevator pitch is crucial for startups and entrepreneurs. It sparks interest in your company, raises money from investors, and helps you network with partners. It also answers the question, “what does your company do?”

To help you build the perfect elevator pitch, we provide all the necessary resources. This includes a guide on what to include, a free pitch deck template, and advice on using body language to make your speech impactful. Read on to discover what your elevator pitch should contain and how to make it outstanding.

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short speech or presentation that tells your audience what your business does, who your customers are, and summarizes your key accomplishments. Its goal is to intrigue the listener and inspire further conversation or action.

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In some situations, a more extended version called a “pitch presentation” is appropriate. This longer presentation lasts between 5 to 20 minutes, allowing you to delve deeper into your ideas while maintaining a clear, concise, and persuasive tone. It is commonly used in formal business situations like investor pitches, business plan presentations, or conferences.

Creating an elevator pitch

Follow these steps to create a convincing elevator pitch:

Cover key components in your pitch

Aside from catching the audience’s interest, there are seven specific things you must address to ensure understanding of your business.

Request feedback on your pitch

Seek feedback from others to identify areas of improvement, such as speaking too fast or missing essential information.

Prepare pitches for different timeframes

Develop a short and meaningful pitch that can be adjusted to suit different audience expectations.

Create an effective pitch deck

If presenting to investors or lenders, complement your elevator pitch with a visually appealing pitch deck that describes your business without the need for a verbal explanation.

Support your pitch with a business plan

Before pitching, ensure you have a detailed business plan that substantiates your ideas.

Tips to impress investors with your pitch

In addition to a well-crafted elevator pitch, there are other factors that contribute to a successful pitch. Improve your poise, storytelling ability, and responsiveness to investor questions using our comprehensive guides.

Enhance your pitch

Apart from having a well-developed elevator pitch, here are nine other factors that can elevate your presentation and set you apart.

Pitching your business idea to investors

In addition to the basic sections, there are other aspects to cover in order to convince investors that your idea is worth their time and money.

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Avoid common pitching mistakes

To avoid failure, be sure to steer clear of costly mistakes in your pitch.

Appeal to investors with your company culture

Win over investors by demonstrating a mission or culture that aligns with their values.

Addressing unanswered investor questions

When you are unable to promptly answer a question, follow these steps to handle the situation gracefully.

Improve your body language when pitching

In addition to a compelling pitch, pay attention to your posture, hand motions, and eye contact to make a lasting impression.

Learn storytelling techniques from Pixar

Harness the power of Pixar storytelling to create a more engaging pitch.

Pitching successfully as a female entrepreneur

Female entrepreneurs face unique challenges in securing funding. Prepare accordingly.

Lessons from Shark Tank pitches

Learn from the rejections and insights of public pitches on Shark Tank.

Alternative ways to pitch your business

Pitching does not always happen in formal or traditional settings. Understand the different types of pitches you may need to deliver, including virtual, written, and social settings.

Pitching in social situations

When networking or interacting with industry veterans, fine-tune your pitch to suit informal settings.

Pitching virtually

As video calls become standard, adapt your pitch to the virtual format with these nuances in mind.

Pitching through email

If you are unable to secure a meeting with investors, convince them via email.

Elevator pitch and pitch deck resources

Access resources and templates to successfully pitch your business idea.

How to Create a Captivating Elevator Pitch -

Free investor pitch deck template.

Visualize your business pitch and impress investors with this free template.

How to Create a Captivating Elevator Pitch -

Review our collection of industry-specific business pitch examples for inspiration in creating your own presentation. Explore our pitch deck example gallery.

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How to Create a Captivating Elevator Pitch -

Business Plan Template

Enhance your pitch with an investor-ready business plan. Start using our fill-in-the-blank template.

How to Create a Captivating Elevator Pitch -

Plan and pitch with a powerful tool. Create and share your investor-ready plan, pitch, and financial forecasts with LivePlan.

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