Pitch competitions are more than just opportunities to win funding; they are valuable platforms to practice and perfect your business pitch. By participating, you gain critical experience presenting your ideas, receive expert feedback, and engage with potential investors and partners.

This guide is designed to help you prepare for these business plan competitions, whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an experienced business owner. Here is what you need to know about pitch competitions.

If you need help with developing your pitch deck or elevator pitch, please refer to our other guides.

What is a pitch competition?

A pitch competition, also known as a business plan competition, is an event where individuals with business ideas or early-stage startups get the chance to present to a group of judges. Entrepreneurs must cover their business model, target market, financial plans, and other vital areas within a fixed time limit.

The judges, typically experts in business and investment, evaluate and provide feedback on these presentations. The best pitches, as determined by the judges, may receive prizes in the form of funding, mentorship, or resources to help develop or scale their businesses.

How to prepare

Are you participating in your first startup pitch or business plan contest? Check out these guides to refine your pitch and better understand what it takes to succeed.

How to win

What does it take to stand out from the competition and win a pitch contest? Check out these insights from business planning expert Tim Berry to help you prepare.

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Common mistakes to avoid

Startup competitions are a great opportunity to practice your pitch and even win prize money to fund your business. Just make sure you don’t make these big mistakes.

Resources and tools

Find resources and templates to help you successfully pitch your business idea.

Business Plan and Pitch Competition Guide

Free Investor Pitch Deck Template

Visualize your business pitch and impress investors with this pitch deck template.

Business Plan and Pitch Competition Guide

Check out our industry-specific pitch deck examples to inspire your own presentation. Explore our pitch decks.

Business Plan and Pitch Competition Guide

Free Business Plan Template

Enhance your pitch with a detailed, investor-ready business plan using our fill-in-the-blank template.

Business Plan and Pitch Competition Guide

Successfully pitch your business with LivePlan. Craft and share your business plan, pitch, and financial forecasts all in one tool. No spreadsheets or PowerPoint slides necessary.

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