How to Build the Perfect Facebook Page for Your Business

How to Build the Perfect Facebook Page for Your Business

Social media is like a long-term relationship. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Fortunately, it won’t nag you about leaving your laundry everywhere and clogging the drain (working on it, sweetie). About 80 percent of companies are on Facebook, but how you use it is key: Is Facebook your sole company site, or is it supplemental to your business website?

There’s no one right answer. It depends on what stage your business is at. Regardless, you need to optimize your Facebook page. Read on for steps to ensure social media success.

For the Facebook-Only Company

1) Make a good first impression

Customize the tabs on your home page. These are like opportunity tokens that allow fans to engage with you. Some good tabs to feature include:

Photos (required)

Build several photo albums to showcase your business and personality. Show your products, your place of business, events you’ve held, and your humor/inspiration/innovation.


Having a large number of likes improves your credibility and makes your business more desirable. Use incentives to build likes, such as discounts or special offers for followers who share your page.


Video is an incredible way to showcase your company and products in less than 60 seconds. Make mini-commercials, film customer testimonials, or create employee/management profiles.


Use the Poll tab to quiz your audience and get critical feedback. Learn about your customer service strengths and weaknesses, gather product experiences, or conduct market analysis.

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The Map tab is helpful for smartphone users trying to find your business. It’s also a fun way to create buzz.

2) A picture is worth 1,000 words

If you’re a retail business, use photo albums to showcase your products. Include all relevant information, such as price, maker, materials, shipping info, and other details.

3) Tell them what you’re all about

Use the "Basic Info" section to share company information. Include your products, awards, overview, and mission statement to give people a feel for your background and establish credibility.

4) Give them your contact info

Provide options for contacting you, such as a phone number, email (non-Facebook), address, and hours of operation.

For the Facebook Supplemental Company

1) Form a connection

Direct people to your website to guide them towards sales. Include a button that allows easy transition from social to conversion.

2) Flaunt your assets

Use the "Basic Info" section to showcase each of your products with a direct link to your website. Embrace minimalism.

3) Prevent a one-sided relationship

Promote your company website on Facebook, but also promote Facebook on your website. Include a "Like us on Facebook" button to turn sales traffic into social traffic.

4) Share the love

Offer incentives for fans to like and engage with your Facebook page. Host mini contests or provide rewards to boost engagement.

General Rules of Facebook Page Engagement

It’s time to commit

One post a week isn’t enough. Post relevant information and images regularly to avoid losing your audience. Avoid using automated posting tools as they can lead to disengagement.

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Be reliable and show you care

Engage in conversations with customers. Respond to messages and find alternative ways to acknowledge high volumes of comments.

First comes love, then comes… Engagement?

Engage with people and discuss relevant or trending topics to grow your fanbase. Avoid sharing your competition’s content.

By following these steps, you can increase brand awareness and build your fanbase. Now, doesn’t that sound romantic?

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