20 Gifts for the Entrepreneur in Your Life

The holidays are approaching—are all your gifts ready?

I just finished ordering presents for everyone on my list. I hope they arrive on time!

But if you’re still unsure about what to get the entrepreneur in your life, don’t worry. I have some suggestions for you. After all, entrepreneurs need gifts that make their lives easier.

If you are an entrepreneur, feel free to share this post with your friends and family. I’m sure they would love to know what to get you.

Now, let’s jump into the gift ideas!

1. Moleskine notebooks: These sleek and handy notepads are a favorite in our office.

2. Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook: This notebook allows you to digitize your handwritten notes with the Evernote app.

3. Whiteboard with markers: Perfect for brainstorming sessions.

4. Sharpie Fine Point Pens: A favorite in our office, these pens go well with Moleskine notebooks.

5. Books on entrepreneurship: "The Lean Startup" and "The Art of the Start" are great reads to start with.

6. Kindle: An e-reader to enjoy numerous entrepreneurship books.

7. LivePlan subscription: Ideal for writing business plans or improving business management.

8. Square card reader: A convenient mobile payment processor.

9. Evernote Premium subscription: Offers increased functionality for note-taking.

10. Coffee-making set: Helps entrepreneurs power through their long days.

11. Hydroflask: Keeps coffee or tea hot while on the go.

12. Portable wallet charger: Ensures entrepreneurs stay connected with a charged phone.

13. Backup phone battery charger: Handy for entrepreneurs constantly on the go.

14. Executive decision-maker paperweight: A fun way to make tough decisions.

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15. HeadSpace or Calm App subscription: Helps entrepreneurs relax and improve focus.

16. Miniature Zen garden: A cute addition to any desk.

17. Yoga class pass: A great way to relax and relieve stress.

18. Something intangible: Consider a gift card or subscription that suits their needs.

19. Decent camera: Ideal for entrepreneurs focusing on their social media presence.

20. Octopus tripod: A flexible tripod for unique photo and video angles.

21. Noise-canceling headphones: Allows entrepreneurs to work distraction-free.

22. Washable keyboard: Convenient for accidental spills.

23. Bluetooth speaker: Perfect for livening up a home office or small shop.

24. Motivational prints: Etsy offers a variety of prints to inspire entrepreneurs.

25. Fun and playful desk accessories: Check out ThinkGeek and UncommonGoods for unique gifts.

26. GPS watch or activity tracker: Great for fitness enthusiasts and runners.

27. Professional laptop bag: Makes travel to and from work and meetings easy.

28. Design-it-yourself button-down shirts: A unique and customizable gift for professionals.

29. Aqua Notes waterproof notepad: Allows entrepreneurs to capture ideas in the shower.

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