How to Write a Business Plan Products and Services Section -

How to Write the Products and Services Section of Your Plan

A business plan describes the products or services you sell. This section should go beyond a simple list and include details on the problem you’re solving, the value you provide, competition comparison, and logistical information like pricing and distribution.

Learn how to create a compelling narrative around your offerings, going beyond basic descriptions.

What to include:

Include what is necessary to fully describe your products and services. Although you may not include everything, it’s beneficial to cover these common topics.

A description of the problem and your solution:

Successful businesses solve problems for customers, making their lives easier or meeting unmet needs. Identify and effectively describe the pain point you are addressing.

Optional information to strengthen your section:

While not required, additional information can be included to convince investors of your business’s worth.

Demonstrate business traction:

Early sales, pre-orders, sign-ups, or contracts show customer interest. Use these to prove your idea’s merit.

Understand the importance of intellectual property:

If you have patents, copyrights, or trademarks, mention them to further prove your idea’s merit and legal standing.

Why is this section important?

The products and services section explains why you’re in business. It includes specific details like pricing and mission statements. It should paint a convincing picture of what you offer, how it works, and why it’s valuable. This section should stand on its own and be supported by other sections of your plan.

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