Creating a Convincing Problem and Solution Statement

When crafting a problem and solution statement, it is crucial to be concise and impactful. The objective is to enhance readability and clarity without compromising the integrity and tone of the original text. Here are some key tips to help refine your statement:

1. Identify the core issue: To start, clearly pinpoint the main problem or challenge at hand. This will focus your statement and eliminate any unnecessary information.

2. Streamline description: Avoid repeating ideas or redundant adjectives when describing the problem. Stick to the essential details that effectively highlight the issue.

3. Provide relevant context: While it’s important to be concise, ensure that your statement still provides enough context for readers to understand the problem. This will help them grasp the significance and urgency of the situation.

4. Present a viable solution: After articulating the problem, offer a feasible solution that directly addresses the issue. Be concise but specific about how this solution can effectively resolve the problem.

5. Be persuasive: Use persuasive language to convince readers of the importance and impact of the problem and solution. Choose your words carefully to convey a sense of urgency and necessity.

By following these guidelines, you can create a convincing problem and solution statement that effectively communicates the issue at hand and proposes a credible solution. Remember to revise and refine your statement to ensure its conciseness and impactfulness.

How to Create a Problem and Solution Statement -

A powerful problem and solution statement tells a story about your customers and the solution you provide. It’s how you position your business in your plan. But crafting a short and compelling description of your problem and solution is challenging. This guide will walk you through the process.

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The importance of describing the problem you’re solving

A solid business idea is just the starting point. To move forward, you need to identify a real-world problem your product or service aims to solve. This requires tangible evidence of actual demand for your offering, not just speculation. For instance, if you’re planning a gluten-free bakery, you should back up the need for one with data.

Zero in on your ideal customer

Once you’ve established a need, it’s time to get specific about who you’re targeting. Understanding your ideal customer helps fine-tune every aspect of your business. For example, a gluten-free bakery doesn’t target anyone who likes baked goods; it focuses on those with specific dietary needs.

Carve out your niche

Knowing the problem you’re solving helps you position yourself in the market. Find the gaps that competitors are missing and stand out. For example, if there are plenty of bakeries but none have a robust gluten-free selection, that’s your territory.

Keep the team on the same page

A clearly defined problem serves as a guidepost for you and your team. It ensures everyone knows the goal and stays aligned, even when questions arise. It’s important for stakeholders like investors or partners to understand why your business matters.

Make stakeholders take notice

A well-defined problem and solution make it easier for stakeholders to understand why your business is worth paying attention to. Weaving data into a compelling narrative about why your business matters is crucial.

How to develop your problem and solution statement

Developing your problem and solution statement is an ongoing process. It’s important to arrive at a clear, succinct, and informative statement. To develop a strong statement, follow these steps:

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Identify the problem

Conduct market research to understand your target market. Ask questions about your potential customers, their struggles, desires, and existing solutions. Zero in on the key elements of the real problem you’re solving.

Define your solution

Align your unique value with your customer’s problems. Clearly communicate how your product or service differs, its value, and why it’s better than other solutions.

How to write your problem statement

Boil down the core issues you found in your research to pinpoint the most significant problem your business aims to solve. Clearly and succinctly define the problem, avoid jargon and complex language, and describe who it affects and the implications.

Sell your solution

Your solution should hold as much weight as the problem. Clearly explain how your solution solves the problem and why it’s valuable. Keep it clear, simple, and grounded in reality.

Craft and refine

Edit and perfect your problem and solution statement. Ensure it’s easily understandable and memorable. Aim for brevity and consider if it would work in ads or on your website. Seek feedback to ensure accuracy.

Problem and solution statement examples

Mobile dog groomer example:

Problem: Many dog owners can’t take their dogs to a groomer due to mobility issues, busy schedules, or location.

Solution: Our mobile dog groomer service goes directly to the client, allowing them to stay home while their dog is groomed right outside.

Fertility clinic app example:

Problem: Individuals and couples seeking fertility care struggle to find information on nearby clinics.

Solution: Our fertility clinic app generates an interactive map that details clinics specializing in their needs based on location and desired treatment.

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Home loan company example:

Problem: Recent interest rate hikes have led to a decline in home purchases, affecting mortgage companies and home buyers.

Solution: Our home loan company introduces a tailored refinancing program for existing homeowners and assists prospective buyers in securing mortgage loans with favorable rates.

Start your business plan

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