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Fix-and-Flip Pros specializes in offering quality, remodeled residential properties to homebuyers. We revitalize underperforming properties to provide move-in-ready homes that blend modern comfort with unique architectural features.

The housing market in many areas has a significant number of outdated or neglected properties. For potential homebuyers, renovating these properties themselves is daunting in terms of time and cost.

To address this problem, Fix-and-Flip Pros purchases underperforming properties, conducts high-quality renovations, and sells these homes to buyers who want move-in-ready properties.

Our primary target market comprises homebuyers looking for quality, renovated, move-in-ready homes. This includes first-time buyers, relocating individuals, and investors seeking rental properties.

Competitors include other fix-and-flip property developers, new construction homes, and private sellers offering as-is properties. However, Fix-and-Flip Pros stands out due to our focus on quality renovations and excellent customer service. We provide transparency in our renovation process, ensuring potential buyers are aware of the improvements made, while retaining each property’s unique character.

Funding needs are based on property acquisition for renovation, renovation costs, carrying costs, and marketing expenses. The exact figures depend on the number and type of properties targeted.

Sales channels include real estate agencies, online real estate marketplaces, open house events, and networking with local realtors. Marketing activities encompass professional staging and photography, online property listings, social media campaigns, and real estate networking events.

Financial projections are based on acquiring, renovating, and selling five properties in the first year. The average purchase price is $150,000, renovation costs are $50,000 per property, and the average sale price is $250,000.

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2023: $1,250,000 (5 properties sold at an average sale price of $250,000)

2024: $1,375,000 (assuming a 10% increase in sale price)

2025: $1,512,500 (assuming a 10% increase in sale price)


2023: $1,000,000 (5 properties purchased and renovated, $150,000 purchase price + $50,000 renovation per property)

2024: $1,100,000 (assuming a 10% increase in purchase and renovation costs)

2025: $1,210,000 (assuming a 10% increase in purchase and renovation costs)

Milestones include establishing the business entity, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, identifying and purchasing the first property, completing the first renovation project, and selling the first renovated property. Additionally, improvements based on the experience from the first flip are implemented, and relationships with key contractors and real estate professionals are established.

The team consists of an owner/operator who oversees operations, a project manager who coordinates renovation projects, and a real estate agent who handles property marketing and sales. Partnerships with local contractors, real estate agents, suppliers, and financial institutions support the success of the fix-and-flip business while contributing to community revitalization.

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