How to Launch an Awesome Kickstarter Campaign

Launching an Awesome Kickstarter Campaign

If you want to propel your business forward, Kickstarter isn’t for you.

While you may have heard "the best things in life are free," few things truly are. This especially applies to your business or career success. To fund your brilliant idea on Kickstarter, you’ll have to work hard.

Since its explosion onto the web in 2009, Kickstarter has received over 340,000 pitches from entrepreneurs. However, only a third of these projects get funded, and the majority slip through the cracks.

The cause of Kickstarter failure

Why do many Kickstarter projects go unnoticed and unfunded? Because they fail to put together an awesome idea backed up by a viable plan that catches the attention of the Kickstarter community. Their campaigns are barely passable attempts at seeking funding.

While your campaign may be approved by Kickstarter, if potential backers think it could do better, it won’t get a second glance.

With over a third of a million campaigns to date, it’s clear that you’re not the only one looking for funding. So, before you upload your campaign to Kickstarter, make sure it shifts from acceptable to awesome.

Creating an awesome Kickstarter campaign

Make sure your product solves a problem

Don’t waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead, focus on solving a problem that exists today. For example, Joy Mangano created the Miracle Mop to make the task of mopping less painful for everyone. Her product sold well and brought her success.

Spin a good yarn

The way you tell your story will directly affect the amount of funding you receive. Combine a good story with a desirable product and a compelling argument. Show potential funders how your campaign makes a difference.

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Take time on your campaign

In a fast-paced, information-saturated age, first impressions matter. Design your Kickstarter page carefully, using high-quality images and a professional logo. Provide as many details as possible, including prototypes and sketches.

Report back often

Give regular updates to your backers, showing tangible results and connecting them to your business. Be open about misfortunes as well as triumphs.

Play by the rules

Familiarize yourself with Kickstarter’s guidelines to ensure your campaign is eligible for funding.

What’s next?

If you’d like to try crowdfunding, launch an awesome Kickstarter campaign. Manage it well, provide regular updates, and use Kickstarter to kick-start your business and fund new projects and ideas along the way.

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