Business Pitching Guide: Elevator Pitch, Pitch Deck, and More

Can you describe the value of your business in a few sentences? Do you have a story for why you started? If not, then you need to work on your business pitch.

The pitch is your passport to funding. It’s more than just a speech and a fancy PowerPoint—it’s a story that needs to resonate, convince, and compel. Crafting a quick but captivating elevator pitch, designing a pitch deck, facing investors; these tasks are opportunities on your path to business growth.

This comprehensive pitching guide will ease you through the process, offer strategies, and help you understand what makes a good pitch. We’ll delve into alternative methods, show you how to shine in pitch competitions, and share the secrets of winning over investors.

Pitch with confidence.

Guide to pitching your business

There are many ways to pitch your business and different aspects you’ll need to nail. Check out the resources below for guides on developing an elevator pitch, creating a pitch deck, and participating in pitch competitions.

How to craft the perfect business pitch

You have very little time to convince potential investors that your idea is worth funding. That’s why you need to create, practice, and refine your presentation until you have a tight and captivating elevator pitch.

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How to create your pitch deck

While it’s crucial that you nail what you say during an investor pitch, it’s just as vital to have something to show. Learn how to transform your business plan into a visual deck that complements your verbal pitch.

Business plan and pitch competitions

Participating in business plan pitch competitions is a great way to practice your pitch. Learn the basics and how to successfully win one of these events.

Elevator pitch and pitch deck resources

Resources and templates to help you successfully pitch your business idea.

Business Pitching Guide Elevator Pitch Pitch Deck More

Visualize your business pitch and impress investors with this free pitch deck template.

Business Pitching Guide Elevator Pitch Pitch Deck More

Pitch deck example gallery. Explore our library of industry-specific business pitch examples to inspire your own presentation.

Business Pitching Guide Elevator Pitch Pitch Deck More

Free business plan template

Back up your pitch with a detailed and investor-ready business plan. Get started with our fill-in-the-blank business plan template.

Business Pitching Guide Elevator Pitch Pitch Deck More

Pitch and plan with a powerful tool.

Create and share your investor-ready plan, pitch, and financial forecasts with LivePlan.

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