Are You Cut Out to Run a Kennel or Pet Boarding Business

Are You Ready to Run a Kennel or Pet Boarding Business?

Opening or buying a kennel can be a rewarding business opportunity. However, before making a decision, consider the costs, challenges, and other factors that make up the pet services and boarding industry.

Self-assess your personal aptitude before becoming a business owner. This includes being accommodating to different breeds and personalities and having the skills required to run a successful small business. Gain experience by volunteering at local animal-focused organizations and consider animal certificate programs for further learning.

Form relationships with local resources, such as veterinarians and pet supplies retailers, for emergency services and necessary equipment and materials.

Create a one-page business plan to think through each aspect of your business. Use a free template and a startup checklist to guide you.

Conduct market research to understand local demographics, competition, and economic projections. Evaluate the facilities and services of an existing business if you’re buying one, or start with a smaller version of your service as a trial.

Develop a pricing structure based on competition and additional amenities. Consider offering referral or frequent visitor discounts and selling pet supplies. Explore monthly packages for customers who need frequent care.

While you don’t need to be a veterinarian, you should have the skills to manage breeds, customers, and employees. Hire a qualified team that aligns with your standards and requirements.

Advertise your business through various channels, including local publications, social media, and partnerships with key players in your area.

Consider all startup and ongoing costs, including facility upgrades, insurance, equipment, and marketing. Keep savings for emergencies and reinvest early profits to improve your business.

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Running a successful pet boarding facility requires careful consideration and dedication. If you approach it with thoughtfulness and maintain your enthusiasm, you can create the area’s most successful pet boarding facility.

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