11 Angel Investor Blogs You Should Be Reading

11 Angel Investor Blogs You Should Be Reading

In the business world, angel investors are sometimes equated with actual angels, funding what couldn’t otherwise be funded. These guardian angels of innovation bring many new ideas to life.

However, many of us, especially those seeking investment, don’t know what angel investors look for in a person, idea, or company before investing. Is it a brilliant idea? Is it the team’s personality? Or is it the effectiveness of the pitch? The processes these investors use to determine "fundability" are a bit of a mystery.

To learn more about angel investors and their thinking, it’s helpful to listen to what they have to say. Individual investors often run their own blogs, which provide insight into their minds and experiences.

Here is a list of 11 blogs run by individual investors, companies, or platforms specializing in angel investments. If we missed any, let us know in the comments.

1. Planning, Startups, and Stories

Tim Berry, founder and chairman of Palo Alto Software, shares business advice on his blog. Whether you’re looking for your first angel investment, learning about the process, or seeking investor advice, Tim Berry’s blog has you covered.

2. Venture Hacks

Run by AngelList, Venture Hacks offers advice from angel investors on improving your pitch. You can also find a local angel investor on the parent site AngelList.

3. Calicanis

Jason Calicanis, a longtime investor, entrepreneur, and blogger, shares down-to-earth advice on various investment options.

4. A2A—Analyst to Angel

Adam Quinton, founder and CEO of Lucas Point Ventures, offers insights into investment from the investor’s perspective.

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5. Fink About It

Jeffrey Finkle, a current angel investor, provides in-depth advice on investing, startups, and life. The site also offers podcasts for those who prefer listening.

6. On Startups

On Startups collects blog posts from different entrepreneurs, making it a valuable resource for various situations. It is especially beneficial for software startups.

7. The Seraf Compass

Seraf Investor’s blog delves into the details of entrepreneurship and offers advanced advice for experienced startups.

8. Blog Maverick

Mark Cuban, successful investor and businessperson, shares his perspectives in a more extreme tone. His blog is for those seeking unconventional advice.

9. The AngelList Blog

Angel.co’s blog features stories about companies that received seed funding. It is a great place to find startup success stories and stay updated on the industry.

10. The Gust Blog

Gust.com’s blog offers useful information from both investors and entrepreneurs. They provide advice based on their experiences.

11. The 500 Startups Blog

The 500.co blog provides a mix of case studies, trends, interviews, tips, and advice. Although the company blog isn’t updated frequently, it’s still worth exploring Dave McClure’s personal blog, 500hats.

It’s also worth noting that venture capitalists’ blogs can offer relevant advice for those seeking angel investments. Check out our list of top venture capital blogs and explore what Fred Wilson, Chris Dixon, Brad Feld, and Paul Graham have to say (don’t forget to read Paul Graham’s essay on angel investing).

Keeping an eye on venture capitalists’ content can provide valuable insights as many venture capitalists have experience as angel investors.

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