Custom Printed T-Shirts Business Plan Example

Custom Printed T-Shirts Business Plan

Imagine creating a custom shirt with your choice of material, style, and graphic. The possibilities are endless for self-expression. Whether you’re a fan of a sports team or a musician, or if you have a social message to share, you can print any image on your shirt.

Our business, Your T-Shirt!, allows people to design their own shirts with custom graphics. By leveraging cutting edge technology, we offer custom shirt printing in runs as small as one unit.

Our market is divided into two groups based on the type of product they prefer. One group wants pre-existing graphic images on their shirts, while the other prefers custom artwork. We segment the market this way because it allows us to target these distinct groups effectively. Additionally, the demographics for each group differ enough to warrant separate targeting.

We have identified three competitors: T-shirt World, Shirt Shack, and Design House. T-shirt World specializes in silk-screening, while Shirt Shack focuses on organizations and teams. Design House is an Internet-based retailer with limited image options.

Our advantages lie in our extensive catalog of graphics and the high quality of our sublimations, thanks to our relationship with Hewlett-Packard. These factors set us apart from our competition.

Our keys to success are leveraging technology, exceeding customer expectations, and maintaining efficient financial controls.

For marketing and sales, we will advertise in relevant magazines and sponsor youth events and student groups. Our sales strategy emphasizes the ease of ordering on our user-friendly website and providing excellent customer service with fast turnaround times and high-quality products.

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Our operations will include a small store front with a computer kiosk for customer designs. Most of the work will be done offsite at HP.

We will utilize HP’s printer sublimation technology to offer a variety of custom shirt options. Customers can choose from an extensive image library, supply their own image, or have an artist create one for them.

The store will have a computer kiosk for customers to access the graphics catalog and place orders online or with an employee.

By focusing on delivering exceptional products and experiences, Your T-Shirt! aims to become the go-to destination for custom shirt printing.

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