**Small Business Credit—What it is, How to Use it, and Options**

Many businesses, both large and small, rely on borrowed capital to fuel growth and fund business initiatives. Borrowing is just part of the equation.

Small business owners need to understand how their credit impacts their ability to borrow more than the average consumer looking to purchase a house or buy a new car.

**What you need to know about business credit**

Every small business owner has two credit profiles: personal credit score and business credit history. To understand how credit impacts a business owner’s ability to access borrowed capital, you need to know both.

**Why you need to care about personal credit**

Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned entrepreneur, your personal credit has a major impact on your operations and funding options.

**How to build business credit**

Establishing business credit isn’t the same as improving personal credit. It involves acquiring multiple types of credit that you need to track along with your individual credit.

**The 5 C’s for making your business creditworthy**

There are five financial health signs that a lender will look at to determine your creditworthiness. Here’s what they are and why they matter.

**Tips to establish business credit and get financing**

Struggling to build business credit? Here are a few things you should do to make your business history more visible and accurate.

**How to clean up your business credit report**

You may have immaculate personal credit and good standing with vendors and suppliers as a business owner. But none of this matters if there are glaring errors on your credit report. Here’s how to clean it up.

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**Business credit options explained**

Building and maintaining good credit involves understanding your credit options and how they can affect you. Here are a few resources that will help you familiarize yourself with the types of credit.

**Get a business credit card to build startup credit**

While you will build business credit in multiple ways, applying for a business credit card is a direct option that helps keep your business and personal expenses separate.

**Business line of credit explained**

A line of credit isn’t a credit card or a loan, but it can be a valuable option to help maintain healthy cash flow and build your credit score.

**Small business credit templates and tools**

Resources to help you manage your credit and improve your business health.

Small Business Credit Explained

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Small Business Credit Explained

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