A List of 8 Types of Entrepreneurs

A List of 8 Types of Entrepreneurs

I think it’s important to recognize the uniqueness of each startup. I’ve posted on this blog about the diversity of startups. So reading about how entrepreneurs can be categorized into eight different types in The Cheap Revolution post “Entrepreneurial types: quick descriptions and poll” was interesting.

I couldn’t find my exact type–escaping boredom and needing the money–in the list, but I suspect that I’m a mix of a passion maven, expert idea generator, and freedom builder.

1. Get Big Fast (Tagline: Scale)
Commentary: I’ve encountered many student entrepreneurs who fit this category. Their enthusiasm and optimism are a double-edged sword.

2. Freedom Builder/Industrialist (Tagline: Creating Value in Emerging Markets)
Commentary: Often approaching a new venture with a been-there, done-that attitude about business, this entrepreneur brings business acumen but sometimes encounters a culture clash as he or she moves from traditional business settings to the fast-paced technology world.

3. Passion Mavens (Tagline: Change the World)
Commentary: These individuals are usually loving, caring people filled with optimism. Oftentimes, they need to fill business gaps like defining a clear value proposition, a go-to-market strategy, or a business model.

4. Spice of Lifers (Tagline: Play for Synergy)
Commentary: This entrepreneur seeks a second career and is often willing to invest evenings and weekends to research, detail, and pursue their dream. Often limited by time constraints, they realize the need for a team to help them reach their goal.

5. Solopreneur (Tagline: Independence)
Commentary: Independence and balance are the cornerstones of solopreneurs. They enjoy working with teams but keep their distance as a “virtual team member.” They often need help with infrastructure.

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6. Expert Idea Generator (Tagline: Immortality through Ideas)
Commentary: True inventors are driven to create: to improve, to help, and to be remembered. Aspiring to be the next Dean Kamen (Segway) or Thomas Edison, they work with relentless energy. Oftentimes, communication skills present opportunities for optimization.

7. Freedom Builder/Technologist (Tagline: Believable Growth)
Commentary: These entrepreneurs have typically grown in the cocoon of a corporation until they realize that they have wings. Often, they seek business degrees just before or immediately upon leaving the corporate world to round out their technical experience.

8. Serious Competitor (Tagline: Play to Win)
Commentary: This group represents the entrepreneur most adored by venture capitalists. They are typically very conceptual, fast on their feet, and deeply knowledgeable about the markets they are pursuing. They see and ride waves and, as far as I can tell, they all have a formula for “businesses that work” (but not always the same one).

Check out the list. Where do you fit in? Click here to take the Team and a Dream poll or here for more background about the types, with questions.

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