9 Tips to Pitch Your Business to Investors Over Zoom -

Pitching Investors Over Zoom: 9 Practical Tips for Startup Founders

Fundraising isn’t easy for most founders. It is a long and emotional process that can be very difficult.

To make matters worse, the COVID-19 pandemic changed fundraising overnight. Today, pitching and fundraising happen mostly over Zoom. Founders no longer need to travel to meet investors in person, saving time and money.

Pitching over Zoom has benefits and has opened up fundraising opportunities for founders worldwide. Founders can pitch numerous investors in a tight window, making the process easier.

At our company, ContainIQ, we raised a $2.5 mm seed round, pitching 93 investors over Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and similar platforms.

Before virtually pitching investors, consider these eight tips to improve your pitch.

1. Don’t interrupt your co-founder or the investor

When pitching over Zoom, plan ahead with your co-founder to know who will answer specific questions based on your roles. Let potential investors finish speaking before responding, even with a slight lag.

2. Know when to stop talking

On Zoom, it’s easy to ramble. Answer investor questions directly and then stop talking. Embrace silence between questions or sections of the pitch.

3. Ask questions to increase engagement

Keeping investors engaged on Zoom is challenging with multiple distractions. By asking questions throughout the pitch, you can keep them engaged. Sample questions may include whether they reviewed your materials beforehand or if they have invested in similar companies.

4. Show a live demo

Zoom allows for seamless product demos. Be prepared to show a live demo to keep investors engaged and allow for in-depth questions on specific features. Use the opportunity to share customer stories and demonstrate product usage.

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5. Improve your sound quality

Install a noise cancellation or echo removal tool, like Krisp, to eliminate distracting background noise. This will improve sound quality during the call.

6. Clean your laptop camera

Before joining the call, clean your laptop’s camera for a more professional appearance. Consider purchasing a mountable camera if your laptop camera quality is inadequate.

7. Use an ethernet connection when possible

For better internet quality, use an ethernet cord to directly connect your laptop to the router. You may need an adapter for newer laptops.

8. Keep your background professional and clean

Ensure your Zoom background is professional and free from distractions. Remove clutter or distractions that may divert investors’ attention.

9. Don’t stop pitching

Fundraising requires persistence. Pitching numerous potential investors is common. Don’t get discouraged after a few meetings. It often takes multiple meetings for your pitch to improve and for you and your co-founders to be in sync. Aim to schedule all meetings within a tight window.

Remember, pitching is a numbers game, and founders should aim to pitch as many potential investors as possible within a two to three-week period.

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