6 Steps to Create an Effective Business Strategy

What is a Business Strategy and How to Create One

There is much you can do to grow your business. You can develop new partnerships, build features for your product, or add products and services. It’s a list of good ideas.

But you can only do so much with the time and resources available, and chasing the wrong thing can be costly. How do you know what’s worth pursuing?

By developing a business strategy.

What is a business strategy?

A business strategy outlines what makes your business unique and how you’ll solve a specific problem for your customers. It helps you focus on creating value to solidify a competitive advantage in the market and reach your goals.

Creating a business strategy gives you a guide for making decisions that prioritize growth. Use cases for your strategy include:

– Entering a new market

– Launching a product

– Repositioning your business

– Allocating resources

– Addressing business challenges

Why is a business strategy important?

A good business strategy helps you:

Maintain focus: With a strategy in place, you’ll be better prepared to avoid chasing every new opportunity. It helps channel your efforts toward opportunities that align with your objectives.

Avoid wasting resources: Without a well-thought-out strategy, there’s a higher risk of wasting time and money, possibly leading to business failure.

Keep your team aligned: A clear strategy keeps you and your team on the same page. It guides your collective focus towards specific business goals and ensures everyone moves in the right direction.

Attract investment: Investors need to see how you solve a problem in a way that differs from the competition. Your strategy explains that and shows how you’ll execute on your idea.

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Stay competitive: Your business strategy doesn’t just take your customers into account—it also forces you to understand your competitors. You’ll understand how you compare and what it will take to grow beyond them.

How to create a business strategy

When developing a strategy, keep it simple. Focus on the needs of your customers and the value of your business.

1. Know your customers

Understand your customers’ needs. Collect data and develop an understanding of your target market.

Document information about:

– Target customers

– Potential customers

– Preferences like buying habits, cultural affinities, etc.

2. Define your value proposition

Define the distinct value your business provides. By the end of this step, you will have brief descriptions of:

– The problem you solve

– Your solution

– Your value proposition

3. Analyze your competitors

Identify your competitors and evaluate their offerings. Understand their value proposition and what customers think.

4. List your sales channels

Choose sales channels based on the needs of your customers. Focus on where they expect your products/services to be.

5. Explain your marketing activities

Focus on marketing activities that get you in front of your customers. Create a connection through digital and traditional marketing efforts.

6. Describe your business model

Describe how your business will make money. Identify ways to optimize your product/service creation, sales, and payment methods.

What makes a successful business strategy?

A successful strategy pays attention to performance and can change course when necessary. It cannot be static and isolated.

For documenting and reviewing your strategy, consider using a simple one-page business plan or LivePlan’s Growth Planning process for a more flexible and long-lasting option.

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