13 Creative Customer Support Tactics That Really Work

13 Creative Customer Support Tactics That Really Work

When it comes to customer support, doing the little things can have a big impact. But how do you keep it simple and make a lasting impression?

To find out what makes customers happy, we asked 13 entrepreneurs: "What is one creative customer support tactic that recently paid off for you?"

1. Live Chatting With Customers

We engage customers to live chat with us based on certain criteria, such as inactivity on certain pages. The engagement rate and conversion rate with customers who used live chat were significantly higher.

2. Hosting Retreats

We have been hosting client retreats where they spend weekends together with us and each other. This has had an incredible impact on our clients. They are now working together, and we’re the glue that binds them. It’s also increased our referral business.

3. Posting on Reddit

We found a post about our company on Reddit that was driving a lot of traffic to our site. I commented on the post and offered to answer any questions about our product. In the next 24 hours, we received over 100 questions and comments about our company. We answered each question about our product within minutes.

4. Setting Up an FAQ Library

We set up an FAQ library on our site, which includes questions about how the product works and how shipping and returns work. We link these sections in all shipping confirmation emails, and people are guided to look here for their answer before calling.

5. Using Services Like SpeakPipe

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We installed SpeakPipe on one of our client’s sites. It allows users to leave voice messages with comments, questions, and feedback. It allowed my client to build more direct relationships with customers and get valuable insights on how products and services can be improved.

6. Implementing a Note Box at Checkout

We allow customers to write a note when they check out, and we make sure to respond to every one. Whether it’s a product inquiry or a shipping question, we always send the customer an email to remind them that we’re working hard to make them happy.

7. Placing Question and Answer Tabs

We placed a tab on our website that says, “Type your question here to get instant answers.” This approach is stronger than trying to get prospective clients to fill out sign-up forms.

8. Being Proactive

We try to be more proactive in identifying service needs before they are even asked for. For example, we make clients aware of our holiday meal options well before the actual date.

9. Rewarding Customers for Positive Reviews

After we resolve a customer’s issue, we ask them to leave a review about their experience. In exchange, we give them store credit. The customer feels rewarded, and we get a positive review out of a potentially bad situation.

10. Answering the Phone

We always have a live person answer the phone because we know that if we don’t, we lose business.

11. Speaking in the Customer’s Tone

We communicate with our customers in a way that reflects our brand and tries to relate on a human level.

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12. Gamifying Support

Our support team created a dashboard of support tickets — the Heroboard. Once the support team reaches certain goals, they go into Heromode. They work on projects and receive badges for meeting specific qualifications.

13. Offering Free Office Hours

I give free office hours to our customers and help them with their business beyond just our product. The purpose of these office hours is to be as useful as I can to them. I share valuable advice freely.

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