10 Ways to Grow Your SaaS Startup Faster

10 Ways to Grow Your SaaS Startup Faster

Every startup aims to succeed. Here are ten tips for accelerating growth for SaaS (software as a service) companies.

1. Sell the problem, not the product

Focus on the problem, not the solution. Identify pain points and offer a solution that stands out.

2. Start charging early

Don’t hesitate to charge customers. Charging early validates your product and minimizes risk. It also demonstrates value to serious customers.

3. Narrow down your customer acquisition efforts

Target a specific audience interested in your product value.

To identify your target market:

  • Ask yourself questions about your typical user.
  • Research your competitors to understand their target audience.
  • Determine who they are targeting and appeal to the same or different audience.
  • Speak to people, attend forums and events, and organize surveys to narrow down your marketing focus.
  • Use website analytics tools to understand visitor interests.

All this will help you define your customer personas and focus on their needs.

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4. Experiment with pricing

Test your pricing to understand people’s perception of your product’s value.

Your optimal price is when you have:

  • A small percentage of people who complain you are too expensive
  • Another small percentage that doesn’t hesitate to pay
  • The biggest category that finds the product expensive but sees its value

Raise prices until 15-20% of qualified prospects resist.

5. Offer a transparent and easy-to-scale pricing model

Simplify your pricing to avoid customer confusion. Consider offering monthly, quarterly, and annual pricing options.

6. Listen to your paying customers

Fulfill support for all users but focus on developing features based on paying customers’ insights. Don’t rely solely on free users’ feedback.

7. Make big customers comfortable with your pricing

Avoid setting embarrassingly cheap prices for high-profile customers. Offer Enterprise pricing and provide flexibility for custom pricing options.

8. Exploit paid growth tactics

Utilize digital marketing platforms and strategic sales initiatives to achieve quick growth.

9. Partner with competitors

Collaborate with competitors to take on larger established players. Combining forces can lead to faster growth.

10. Create great content

Offer valuable free information to stand out in a competitive space. Present your audience with great content to gain attention and respect.


Growing a SaaS startup requires faith in your product, flexibility, and smart market positioning. These tips will help you attract the right clientele, collect relevant feedback, manage your sales funnel, and establish yourself as a thriving business faster.

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