How to Find the Right Donors for Your Nonprofit -

How to Find the Right Donors for Your Nonprofit

For nonprofits, donations are crucial. Nonprofit leaders should accept donations that help them reach goals and continue to operate.

Nonprofit partnerships are common in the corporate world because they allow businesses to improve their public profile and the community. Workplace giving raises over $5 billion annually.

As an organization that relies on donations, it’s important to evaluate each contribution to ensure it’s made in good faith.

Avoid the “devil” in the details

Similar to Descartes’ “evil demon” argument, there are “demon donors” in the nonprofit world. These are people who donate money to elevate their brand, rather than for the greater good.

Nonprofits have to make tough decisions regarding demon donors, and can face public backlash if they partner with the wrong people. Money shouldn’t outrank the desire to stay closely tied to your goals and mission statements.

It can be tough to discern the nature of every donation. Nonprofit leaders should evaluate each contribution to ensure it’s made in good faith and without any strings attached.

Being a new nonprofit is exciting — and challenging

Turning down donations that don’t align with values and mission is easier for established nonprofits. But for new organizations, it can be a challenge. Rejecting one donation could have ripple effects.

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New nonprofits face unique issues, such as underestimating financial needs, collecting gifts from certain sources, and lacking necessary credibility.

Focusing on not underdoing or overdoing donation sources can help ensure that you have the funds to reach your goals.

Building a strong foundation comes from encouraging donors to give repeatedly. That comes from providing your donors with a return on their investments.

Deciding on donations

Ensure that the donations you accept align with your nonprofit’s values and objectives.

Here are four ways nonprofit leaders can ensure the donations they accept are in line with their goals:

  1. Stay laser-focused on your mission statement
  2. Consider instituting ‘know your donor’ obligations
  3. Find a nonprofit to model your organization after
  4. Figure out whether donors view you as a vendor or a partner

Find success with donors that align with your mission

Nonprofits should not compromise their vision and values for a large donation. Making an early commitment to seeking gifts from ethical donors helps build the blueprint for long-term success.

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