How to Create a Tagline

How to Create a Tagline

In addition to creating a branding campaign for the target audience, companies often choose to add a tagline to describe their product.

Anyone can come up with taglines like "I’m lovin’ it" or "Just do it" to enhance their brand.

The US Army’s "Army of One" campaign is an example of an outstanding tagline.

1. Taglines should be simple and concise

A tagline shouldn’t be too long or complicated as it may overshadow the visual identity or be lost in the design.

Generally, a tagline should be less than 5 words, preferably 3.

"Army of One," "Just Do It," and "I’m Lovin’ It" exist as concise statements that engage and resonate with the audience.

2. Taglines must be descriptive

A tagline is most effective when it describes the target audience’s interaction with the product or organization.

Descriptive words can move the target audience towards interacting with the product and frame that interaction.

For example, "I’m lovin’ it" describes the emotional reaction to McDonald’s products.

Palo Alto Software’s tagline, "The Planning People," doesn’t convey how they interact with customers. Their current tagline, "Helping you succeed in business," aligns with their passion and goals.

3. Taglines should point back to the company identity

Taglines should reinforce and align with the company’s identity.

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Nike’s "Just Do It" campaign suggests an action and affirms that Nike enables consumers to achieve it.

4. The tagline must be evocative and in tune with Social Psychology

The tagline should appeal to the target audience’s cultural mindset and engage them.

The US Army’s "Army of One" campaign speaks directly to the young adult demographic, using language that resonates with them and refining their marketing energies.

There are other important aspects to consider when choosing a tagline, but these four are essential.

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