5 Things to Consider When Hiring Friends and Family

It would seem ideal to work with close friends and family. They are invested in your happiness and success and you genuinely like each other.

These are the people you care about and easily socialize with. If you rely on them during personal hardships, they are likely to deliver professionally, right?

Not always.

Before hiring friends and family, answer tough questions regarding their contribution to your business. Don’t automatically fear hiring or firing a close family member or friend, but consider these factors:

1. Are they qualified for the job?

Don’t hire someone who is unqualified, even if they are a friend or family member. It’s unfair to both you and them, and can result in pressure and resentment from colleagues. Let qualified individuals know your expectations.

2. Did you hire them for the right reasons?

Don’t hire a family member as a favor. This can lead to personal problems infiltrating the professional space. Focus on hiring based on professional capabilities and experience to avoid unnecessary drama.

3. Will they disrupt your workplace?

Avoid hiring individuals with polarizing personalities to maintain a positive work environment. Also, have a conversation about acceptable workplace behavior and ensure they respect professional standards.

4. Are they trustworthy?

While trust may not be an issue with close friends or family, treat them like any other potential employee. Conduct background checks if necessary. If there are past issues, such as theft, err on the side of caution.

5. Can you handle firing them?

If you hire them, you may also have to fire them. Ensure they are aware of the same standards and consequences as other employees. If necessary, have appropriate documentation and a third party present during the firing process.

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Remember, professionalism should never be confused with personal relationships. By considering these factors and maintaining honesty throughout the hiring process, you can have a successful professional relationship with your friends or family members.

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